Winner 2022Luxury & Lifestyle, Grand Prix BrandJohnnie WalkerEntered by:OMG AfricaThe Ones Who... Keep WalkingThe Challenge It’s an exciting time for young people in Africa. Afro-optimism is spiking like never before, and nations are coming together to drive progress across the continent. Collectively, 65% of 18-24-year-olds think ‘the 21st Century will be the African century’ (source: [...]
Winner 2017GRAND PRIX BrandTATA MOTORSLead AgencyMAXUS GLOBALFROM ZICA TO TIAGOThe Challenge Just 3 weeks away from when Tata Motor’s new car, Zica, would be available for purchase, the World Health Organisation declared the Zika virus a global emergency. As the world’s press covered this viral emergency, we quickly realised the problem we were now facing. While India [...]
Winner 2016TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandLONDON & PARTNERSLead AgencyBROOKLYN BROTHERSOFFICIAL GUEST OF HONOURThe Challenge As the official promotional organisation for London, we work to strengthen London's lead as the best big city in the world. With the capital enjoying an ever-increasing rise in visitor numbers, our challenge is to stay on top, to continue to capture the imagination [...]