Shortlisted 2021Automotive BrandHyundai Motor CompanyEntered by:Bloomberg Media StudiosH2 economyThe Challenge Hyundai Motor Company is among the automotive industry giants that are investing in building and popularizing hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Beyond the production and sale of these advanced vehicles, the company also is increasingly devoted to increasing awareness and application of hydrogen as [...]
Shortlisted 2021Automotive BrandPolestarEntered by:ForbesThe under 30 driveThe Challenge Polestar is a design-focused electric performance car brand determined to improve society. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, they advance sustainably designed and ethically sourced performance vehicles to help people make a clean getaway. As a brand on a mission, Polestar wanted to creatively tap eco-friendly consumers interested in [...]
Shortlisted 2021Automotive BrandToyotaEntered by:m/SIXCREDITS:The&PartnershipScoring the ‘Perfect 10’ for Toyota’s biggest sales modelThe Challenge The Toyota Yaris is Toyota’s most important model in Europe, in 2019 1 in 4 Toyota’s sold was a Yaris. Being the brand’s best known nameplate means the Yaris brand disproportionately impacts overall brand perceptions thanks to the large number of Yaris’ [...]
Shortlisted 2021Automotive BrandCan-Am On-RoadEntered by:Touché!Credits:Anomaly, PraytellLadies, rule the road The Challenge For over a century, the motorcycle industry’s positioning has been as an experience provider for men. Decades of masculine stereotypes have confined women to the passenger seat. Lack of trust, obsolete mentalities and poor representation of the modern woman has broken the dialogue between [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandBentleyEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCredits:The Economist, The Rake, Wired, Wallpaper*, Harper’s Bazaar, Unit9, KEKOAn Extraordinary Journey To The FutureThe Challenge Bentley is perceived as a brand stuck in the past, not a brand looking towards the future In 2019, Bentley celebrated a milestone birthday of 100 years. The emphasis placed on this incredible brand [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandRenault LATAMEntered by:Havas Media ArgentinaCredits:Publicis GroupCompetition Is In Your DNAThe Challenge The French automotive manufacturer Renault is well known across Latin American countries, but often associated as an affordable Brand. For 2019, our challenge was to find which aspect of Renault could elevate the Brand while keeping increasing market share offering affordable every-day [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandAudiEntered by:National Geographic PartnersCredits:PHD GlobalElectric EarthThe Challenge With customers more aware now than ever of the environmental impact of vehicles powered by fossil fuels and making their purchase decisions accordingly, the automotive industry is at a turning point in terms of developing cleaner ways of driving. Audi needed to position itself as the [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandVolkswagenEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCredits:DDB BerlinVolkswagen - For The Many, Not The Few - The ID.3The Challenge Democratisation starts with Volkswagen's name which translates to 'the people's car'. The Beetle brought an affordable high-quality model to the masses, followed by the Golf's affordable technology, and now they hope to bring e-mobility to the many, [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandPorsche TaycanEntered by:PHD GlobalCredits:VICE Media, Twitter, Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH, Plexus Outdoor, Pixel Artworks, Pulse Films, World Stage, PHD ChinaPorsche Taycan: The Electric DialogueThe Challenge In 2019 Porsche unveiled their first ever fully electric vehicle- the Taycan. Designed with Porsche performance in mind, it's quick, luxurious and it embodies the soul of [...]
Winner 2019AUTOMOTIVE BrandAudi e-tronEntered by:PHD GermanyCredits:iTunes, Podigee, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Deezer, ViertausendhertzBring the e-tron to the digital airwavesThe Challenge Audi has a history of promoting progressive, premium driving – leading the way in all wheel drive through quattro, redefining premiumness through the A8 and combining both elements in the Q range. However, their latest launch was [...]