The Value of Journalism

When people needed to make sense of the world during the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, they turned to trusted media brands.

The World Media Group is the alliance of leading international media organisations that connects brands with highly engaged, influential audiences in the context of renowned media. Coming together to promote the value of our quality journalism has never been more important.

Written by Arif Durrani, Bloomberg Media Studios Produced by Danny Edwards Foxred Video

One voice engaging the industry

We have created a high-level community of senior advertisers and agencies – one voice engaging all sides.  We celebrate and promote excellence in international advertising, and we develop initiatives to improve the measurement and understanding of influential, international audiences.


The World Media Group is guided by 3 boards which are made up of some of the industries greatest talent.

Directors’ Council »

Chris Woodall
Nicolas Sennegon
Simon Davies
Chris Porter
Danny Aldred
Samantha Adams
Katya Ionova
Kali Palmer
Arif Durrani
Emma Winchurch-Beale
Damian Douglas
Rupert Turnbull
Jemima Villanueva
Nadine Heggie
Alex Wood
Preya Shah
Alexandra Delamain

Agency Advisory Board »

Allison MacIntyre
Guy Hughes-Wilson
Casey Fitzsimmons
Kristie Naha-Biswas
Aaron Quirk
Malcolm Russell
Matthew Landeman
Hauke Gruen
Stephen Beasley
Tamina Plum
Tony Jarvis
Alex Altman
Kate Ivory
Gordana Buccisano
David Goodall
Nigel Robinson

Brand Advisory Board »

Sophie Ebbetts
Matteo Atti
John Rudaizky
Mark Rose
Paul Ferguson
Martina Kniep
Jamila Saidi
Winfried Daun
Pip Landers
Aina Bolstad
Helen Gillbe
Alison Harbert
Jack Dyson
Daniela Stawinoga-Carrington
Christoph Woermann
Ebru Ozguc