The World Media Group is an alliance of leading, global media organisations united in providing trusted and renowned journalism. Our members’ publishers, broadcasters and international bureaux help people make sense of the world in real-time, when it matters most.

Throughout the pandemic and political turmoil of recent years, millions of readers have turned to our trusted brands more than ever before. The World Media Group’s remit is to promote and support the high-quality journalism of distinguished members, and the commercial partners who help make it possible.

In 2023, we are focussing on four key pillars:


Promoting the very best in trusted global journalism to the advertising and marketing community runs throughout everything we do. We also support our charity partner, Reporters Without Borders, and the critical work they do in maintaining press freedom around the world.


Strong creative solutions sit at the heart of all good media partnerships. The WMG supports creativity and innovation through the World Media Awards and the WMG Creative Vault, which showcases best-in-class case studies of commercial partnerships. Our timely events and podcasts allow important industry topics to be explored in depth.


WMG media brands have a critical role to play in covering the rise of sustainable businesses, and in holding companies to account as they chase net-zero ambitions. The WMG acts as a hub to source and share best practices in sustainable marketing from across the industry. Please click here to read our own sustainability policy.


The WMG is an influential community where all voices are heard. Stronger together, we engage with all sides of the industry, bringing together senior advertisers and agencies with the next generation of marketers from around the world, to share experiences and best practices.

One voice engaging the industry

We have created a high-level community of senior advertisers and agencies – one voice engaging all sides.  We celebrate and promote excellence in international advertising, and we develop initiatives to improve the measurement and understanding of influential, international audiences.


The World Media Group is guided by 3 boards which are made up of some of the industries greatest talent.

Directors’ Council »

Jim Jacovides
Arif Durrani
Julian Staples
Chris O’Neill
Dana Whitaker
Nicolas Sennegon
Simon Davies
Chris Porter
Samantha Adams
Katya Ionova
Kali Palmer
Emma Winchurch-Beale
Damian Douglas
Rupert Turnbull
Jemima Villanueva
Alex Wood
Buddhika Amis
Alexandra Delamain

Agency Advisory Board »

David Goodall
Shula Sinclair
Ludmila Skorodelova
John Duku
Jasmin Kaur
Natasha Byrne
Yannis Zachos
Mark Holden
Ben Lukawski
Andrew Dean
Duff Borer
Casey Fitzsimmons
Aaron Quirk
Matthew Landeman
Hauke Gruen
Stephen Beasley
Tony Jarvis
Alex Altman
Kate Ivory
Nigel Robinson

Brand Advisory Board »

Sarah Thomas
Alison Howard
Rosanna Cubelli
Beatrice Boue
Khaled AlShehhi
Sital Banerjee
Sophie Ebbetts
Matteo Atti
John Rudaizky
Mark Rose
Paul Ferguson
Martina Kniep
Jamila Saidi
Winfried Daun
Pip Landers
Aina Bolstad
Alison Harbert
Jack Dyson
Daniela Stawinoga-Carrington
Christoph Woermann

Working Groups

As well as guiding the WMG’s short- and long-term strategies, the World Media Group Directors’ Council meets regularly in seven smaller groups to focus on specific areas of the business.

Executive Board »

Dana Whitaker
Chris Porter
Samantha Adams
Kali Palmer
Emma Winchurch-Beale
Damian Douglas
Buddhika Amis
Nigel Robinson

Advisory Board »

Craig Webb

Finance »

Damian Douglas
Buddhika Amis

Content & Events »

Katya Ionova

Thought Leadership »

Tara Bagley
Jade Giles
Millie Pearce
Julie Price
Rolant Glyn
Arif Durrani
Chris O'Neill
James Davies
Chris Walker
Samantha Adams

Inclusion & Engagement »

Georgina Marshall
Neelam Cartmell

Marketing »

Andy Hall
Kali Palmer
Buddhika Amis