The World Media Group is an alliance of leading international media organisations that connects brands with highly engaged, influential audiences in the context of trusted and renowned journalism.

One voice engaging the industry

When communities across the world needed to make sense of what was happening during the crises of 2020, they rushed to our member brands and platforms.  Coming together to promote these in one place has never been more important.

We have created a high-level community of senior advertisers and agencies – one voice engaging all sides.  We celebrate and promote excellence in international advertising, and we develop initiatives to improve the measurement and understanding of influential, international audiences.

The Value of Journalism

The value of global award winning journalism is the unique bond of trust it builds with worlds most affluent and influential consumers.  This short video explains the impact that this unique bond has on brand messages across this dynamic global audience.


The World Media Group is guided by 3 boards which are made up of some of the industries greatest talent.

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