Shortlisted 2022Social Good BrandLEGOEntered by:Red Border by TIMECredits:Initiative, LEGO'Girls Are Ready' Why? The UN reports that around the globe, fewer than 15% of those graduating from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs are women. Even when girls do get the education required for an increasingly digital workplace, they don’t always get available jobs. TIME [...]
Winner 2022 Social Good BrandHyundaiEntered by:BBC Studios (BBC StoryWorks)Credits:Havas Media Germany, Innocean WorldwideJourney To IthacaWhy? Our oceans make up 70% of the planet. Many of us think we live on Planet Earth, but in fact, we live on Planet Ocean. The world’s oceans play a major role in sustaining life on Earth, but they are [...]
Highly Commended 2022Social Good BrandFor(bes) the CultureEntered by:ForbesState Of Black EntrepreneurshipWhy? Grassroots movements have been known to change history, but can they correct history too? Enter: For(bes) The Culture—a hub for elite leaders of color who are breaking down barriers and impacting culture globally to connect, collaborate and change. Beginning as a grassroots movement several [...]
Shortlisted 2022Social Good BrandBanco SantanderEntered by:Arena Media and Havas SpainFootballCan 2041Why? Santander is a Spanish multinational financial services company. For years, it has been supporting sports and specifically football through the sponsorship of major competitions. Under its global strategy #footballcan which started 2 years ago, the bank promotes the positive impact football CAN have on [...]
Shortlisted 2021Social Good BrandWWF ChileEntered by:InbraxFootprints of ExtinctionThe Challenge According to figures from the United Nations, of the 8,300 known animal breeds, 8% are extinct and 22% are in danger of extinction, due to various causes and especially how humans have impacted their ecosystems.  WWF Chile works to protect land, air and marine environments, and [...]
Shortlisted 2021Social Good BrandSamsung Entered by:StarcomSamsung out of the boxThe Challenge Colorful cardboard packaging is great for selling TVs on-shelf – but it’s not so great for our environment. The manufacturing of cardboard packaging and their full-color printed labels create greenhouse gas emissions and overall, cardboard packaging is one of the biggest contributors to municipal [...]
Winner 2021Social Good BrandMalaria No More UKEntered by:DentsuDrawing the line against malaria to help end it for goodThe Challenge Malaria is a disease that’s been around since the dinosaurs, and yet it is still a disease that is stealing our future. Despite huge progress over the last twenty years, a child still dies every 2 [...]
Shortlisted 2021Social Good BrandCorteva AgriscienceEntered by:BBC Global NewsCorteva Agriscience: Follow the food season 2The Challenge Off the back of season 1 of Follow The Food, a TV documentary series and digital hub in association with Corteva Agriscience, Ogilvy Entertainment and the client came back to BBC StoryWorks and renewed for season 2. The company was [...]