Entries are invited to the following categories

Entries are invited from brand owner teams, agencies, and media owners for the following sector categories:

For the content-led campaigns behind international automotive brands, whether launching a new product or building perceptions of brand values for an automotive marque.

New for 2024, this category is designed to recognise the best content-led campaigns targeting international business audiences to promote their products and services – whether these be management, creative or business consulting; technology products and tools; distribution solutions; business travel or any other product designed to support business customers.

This category recognises the value of promoting corporate or place brands to an international, influential audience of investment and policy decision-makers – to create a narrative that builds recognition, promotes values, supports advocacy, and/or builds and protects share price. This category is open to any corporate brands behind the products represented in our other sector-specific categories, as well as any other market sectors [for example: pharma, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing]. This category is also open to investment promotion agencies working on behalf of national, regional, or city governments to attract foreign direct investment to their location.

The winner in this category could be a corporate brand strategy for a financial services business, or a strategy designed to promote specific financial services, products and solutions to an international audience.

A category for those marketing lifestyle and luxury brands to the most discerning international customers and high net worth individuals – telling stories to drive aspiration for fashion, jewellery, watches, property, alcohol, or other lifestyle and luxury experiences and products.

For campaigns targeting governments, business decision makers, early adopters or even the tech-averse, this category recognises the challenge of effectively communicating complex products, new technology advances, essential infrastructure and the brands behind the technology driving the digital future.

The winner in this category will demonstrate the power of storytelling and the opportunity to convey the unique attraction of a destination or travel experience. Entries are invited from tourism promotion boards, destinations, hotels, airlines, and any other tourism-related business or transport.

Specialist Categories

The following four categories are designed to celebrate the power of great partnerships between brands and media owners, the potential for brand storytelling to drive social issues and solutions, and the talented individuals who are leading the way in delivering effective, creative and innovation solutions for brands. The entry format, criteria and process differ from our Sector Categories and winners are not eligible for the Grand Prix Award.

Entries are invited from media owners for this category, which recognises that when brands and media owners work together on content initiatives, special campaigns, events, or other partnership-based promotions, the effective uplift for both brands can be powerful. Our jury will be looking for great brand partnership matches, innovative thinking, and effective implementation for an international audience.

New for 2024: This category is designed to recognise those great branded content campaigns created on a smaller budget [less than €300K or USD $300K] where the client and media owner work together to develop engaging content that delivers outstanding results for the brand. The jury will be looking for a strong depth of understanding of the client’s brand and marketing objectives and for great content delivered in the most effective format.

This Award aims to recognise the talented individuals at the start of their careers who are already making a difference to the creativity, impact, and effectiveness of international, content-led, advertising strategies. Whether working within a media owner, agency, or brand owner organisation, nominations are invited for individuals in the first five years of their career in international media and marketing. Our jury will be looking for examples of how the nominee is making a difference for the brand or brands they work with – whether through creative or innovative thinking, and/or superb coordination and collaboration. The entry rate for this category is at the lower rate of £50 which will support initiatives from Brixton Finishing School, which works to create opportunities for a more diverse intake to UK advertising agencies and media owners.

This important category recognises the potential for brands to create social change and take the lead on challenges that the world is facing around the environment, climate, sustainability, poverty, and diversity and inclusion. Our jury will be looking for entries that show how brand storytelling and corporate action can combine to create a powerful force for positive social good. Entries should demonstrate an international reach across three or more countries.

This Award recognises an individual who has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the creation of great content-led, international marketing strategy.  The winner of this award will be a marketing director or head of media strategy for an international advertiser, who has built brand awareness and profitability by engaging audiences in branded content.  Nominations for this category will be invited from World Media Group Publisher members and our independent jury, and the winner will be chosen by our Jury. View previous winners HERE.

All winners in the Sector Categories are put forward to the Jury for consideration for the World Media Grand Prix Award – the best of the best.