Shortlisted 2018TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandTEL AVIV LIFEGUARD TOWER HOTELLead AgencyTHE CITY OF TEL AVIVContributing CompanyTHE ISRAELI MINISTRY OF TOURISMTEL AVIV LIFEGUARD TOWER HOTELThe Challenge Over the last several years, Tel Aviv has enjoyed a significant rise in its international brand awareness. This is the result of a combination between a high media-profile (mainly due to geopolitics) [...]
Shortlisted 2018TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandSTAR ALLIANCELead AgencyWALL STREET JOURNAL [WSJ CUSTOM STUDIOS] AND NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICContributing CompanyATOMIC, WAVEMAKERSTAR ALLIANCE: CONNECTING CULTURESThe Challenge For the last 20 years Star Alliance has taken people on journeys of discovery and enabled cultural connections around the world. However, regardless of its 28 member carriers and more than 18,450 daily flights to [...]
Highly Commended 2018TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandFINAVIA CORPORATIONLead AgencyDAGMARFINAVIA CORPORATION: #LIFEINHELThe Challenge During many years Helsinki Airport has been in a phase of strong growth both in terms of facility size and the number of passengers. The greatest majority of passenger increase has emerged from Asia and particularly from China. However, Helsinki Airport nor Finland is [...]
Winner 2018TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandVISIT FAROE ISLANDS AND ATLANTIC AIRWAYSLead AgencySANSIR AND MENSCHContributing CompanyKOVBOYFILM, TRAVEL PR FAROE ISLANDS TRANSLATEThe Challenge A language dies every fourteen days. So how do you protect your language, when you are one of the smallest countries on earth? With only 50,000 people - and twice as many tourists? The Strategy The [...]
Shortlisted 2018TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandBOTSWANA TOURISMLead AgencyBOTSWANA TOURISMContributing CompanyPUBLIC ART EVENTSRHINO PROJECT AT ITB 2017The Challenge Botswana Tourism Organisation partnered with ITB Berlin as the first Sub Saharan Country ever to collaborate at the largest Tourism Trade show in the world. Although the partnership created multiple marketing and destination awareness opportunities, as a country categorised as [...]
Winner 2018TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandWORKPLACELead AgencyGYROWORKPLACE BY FACEBOOK QUARTZ PARTNERSHIPThe Challenge Workplace is Facebook’s business collaboration platform, and it launched to paying customers in October 2017. Despite Facebook being the parent company, awareness of Workplace is low. To compound this, it is operating in a cluttered marketplace competing against tech behemoths, who bundle collaboration software, and [...]
Shortlisted 2018BRAND & MEDIA OWNER PARTNERSHIP BrandSAMSUNGLead AgencySTARCOMWWContributing CompanySTARCOM + PUBLICIS MEDIA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENTSAMSUNG GEAR S3: THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL COMPANIONThe Challenge The smartwatch market is maturing but many consumers still don't consider the product as an everyday necessity in their lives. There are two major barriers to market growth - cultural barriers and design barriers. [...]
Winner 2018TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandE.ONLead AgencyVIZEUMContributing CompanyENGINETOMORROW IS .ONThe Challenge Business Challenge E.on needed to improve their share of the utility market. Awareness of e.on as an energy supplier was not a problem but differentiation was. In line with the unveiling of their new range of environmentally friendly solar and storage products to customers in Europe, e.on [...]
Shortlisted 2018TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandDEUTSCHE TELEKOMLead AgencyMEDIACOMContributing CompanySAATCHI & SAATCHITHE LENZThe Challenge All telco networks face similar problems: even though phones are people’s most cherished possession, telcos are increasingly seen as a commodity, exacerbated by the fact that the product is technically invisible. Consumers often only care about their providers when phones aren’t functioning which makes [...]