Shortlisted 2021Luxury & Lifestyle BrandTriumphEntered by:WavemakerA triumph for TriumphThe Challenge Triumph Lingerie wanted to accelerate growth. Just like any other retail brands, they were challenged to act beyond brick and-mortar businesses and adapt to the ever-changing online landscape.  Triumph wanted to strengthen their (#1) position in the Taiwan market, but at the same time they [...]
Shortlisted 2021Luxury & Lifestyle BrandThe North FaceEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCREDITS:Bigger., Mongoose, 1000heads, Runner's World, 4running, Trails, Aktiv Laufen!, TrailRun, Like the Wind, StravaPower further, together - Launching a trail running shoe during a pandemic The Challenge The North Face was born out of a passion to help people explore the world. Then the pandemic happened. [...]
Shortlisted 2021Luxury & Lifestyle BrandMeeticEntered by:Havas Media GroupRe-humanizing digital relationshipsThe Challenge Our client came to us for help in driving a change in brand perception, to build trust with our 18-34 YOA target group and drive new memberships.  ‘’Meetic Group’’ operates a collection of 8 online dating sites in Europe, they are the preferred and [...]