Tools, Resources and Suppliers

Sustainability has become increasingly important over the last few years as organisations join the transition towards net zero. Research amongst our brands and members showed that everyone is in a different place on their sustainability journey. When it comes to measuring the sustainability of marketing or advertising programmes, there generally appears to be a knowledge gap.

The World Media Group has compiled a list of tools, resources and suppliers to help you implement best practice when it comes to sustainable marketing and advertising. This is not intended as an all-inclusive guide, it is a simple list of suppliers and resources that our members and advisory boards have found to be useful on their own sustainability journeys. If you would like to recommend another supplier/ resource that you have found helpful, please let us know by emailing

Industry Initiatives
Certifications and Ratings
Specialist Agencies
Creative Production
Sustainable Media Marketplaces
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Carbon Measurement
Online Carbon Calculators
Carbon Offset Providers

Carbon Reduction Technology

Carbon.Crane –