Shortlisted 2021Corporate Influencer BrandVeoliaEntered by:The New York TimesA new vision for plasticThe Challenge French group Veolia are specialists in ecological transformation with a focus on water, waste and energy management, and one of the world’s leaders in plastic recycling. Despite a shift in consciousness across certain developed markets in recent years, the world’s plastic consumption [...]
Shortlisted 2021Corporate Influencer BrandShellEntered by: MediaComCREDITS:Vayner Media, UEGPitch the future The Challenge Over the past 35 years Shell has facilitated one of the world’s leading student engineering competitions; The Shell Eco-marathon (SEM). This global programme brings together Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) students from across the globe to design, build and test drive some [...]
Shortlisted 2021Corporate Influencer BrandNTTEntered by:The Trust: The Wall Street Journal | Barron's GroupBuilding the futureThe Challenge For the past few years, innovation stemming from new disruptive technologies like 5G, AI, AR & blockchain has continued to change the dynamic within the C-Suite. As a proven leader in engaging influential Business Decision makers across the globe [...]
Shortlisted 2021Corporate Influencer BrandMaerskEntered by:Havas InternationalCREDITS:&CoDenmark, Havas London, Havas HeliaMaersk - Setting a new course for growthThe Challenge This is a story about change. How Maersk, a market leader in logistics, set out on a new course to completely reshape the category and defy the premises of an entire industry.  It all started with a [...]
Shortlisted 2021Brand & Media Owner Partnership BrandEPOSEntered by:The Trust: The Wall Street Journal | Barron's GroupCREDITS:Verizon MediaBad audio is bad businessThe Challenge EPOS is part of the Demant group – a world-leading audio and hearing technology group that offers solutions and services to help people connect and communicate with the world around them. The Demant [...]
Shortlisted 2020Corporate Influencer BrandTech MahindraEntered by:The Trust : The Wall Street Journal | Barron's GroupCredits:In The FutureThe Challenge Initially, Tech Mahindra needed to amplify its brand recognition with global (-Suites. The brand wanted to be seen as an established leader in cutting-edge technology and innovation, a company with business transformation expertise. Tech Mahindra wanted to [...]
Shortlisted 2020Corporate Influencer BrandBayerEntered by:MediaComCredits:Can We Live Better?The Challenge Bayer is a well-recognized life science brand with aided awareness of +92%. However, its brand acceptance was not as strong as it ranged from 25-41% across different markets. We also expected Bayer’s consideration to fall as a result of the Monsanto acquisition. It was clear that [...]
Shortlisted 2020Corporate Influencer BrandCorteva AgriscienceEntered by:BBC StoryWorksCredits:OgilvyFollow The FoodThe Challenge By 2050 there will be 10 billion people on the planet, and they will all need something to eat. How are we going to feed the planet in a sustainable way, that doesn't exhaust the earth's resources? This is the challenge that confronts Corteva Agriscience. [...]
Shortlisted 2020Corporate Influencer BrandVistaJetEntered by:The Trust : The Wall Street Journal | Barron's GroupCredits:JK&KSecrets Of The CEOThe Challenge VistaJet wanted to drive consideration amongst new customers and be viewed as a trusted partner, more than a mobility service provider. At the heart of the brief was a desire to demonstrate VistaJet has a deep understanding [...]
Shortlisted 2019Corporate Influencer BrandSamsungEntered by:WP BrandStudio, The Washington PostCredits:Starcom, OgilvyThe Challenge Samsung recognizes that in this world of advanced mobile technology, businesses are either the disruptor or the disrupted. Their 2018 campaign objective was to establish Samsung as the enabler of the what they call the "Next Mobile Economy," which empowers businesses to thrive while [...]