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The Challenge

Business Challenge
Timberland were looking to change their brand perception to a ‘fresher’ Timberland that kept their heritage but also delivered innovation through more contemporary and stylish products and messaging.

They wanted to draw in a younger audience while keeping their core heritage audience, and drive more people instore.

Business Context
Timberland operate in a competitive marketplace and while brand awareness was growing, they didn’t have the budget strength to complete with some of the big competitors. This made a brand refresh a difficult task.

Many consumers associated the Timberland brand with quality, heritage, durability and boots, a seasonal shoe. Not many knew about the new range and innovation they offere in footwear (beyond the boots!).

Business Objective
• Refresh perspective of Timberland brand and offering across key countries – UK, Germany, France, Italy and The
• Develop a fresher and unexpected communication approach with the objective of playing a role in the beyondboots
footwear (SFX technology) world
• Drive consumers in store (footfall)
• Increase clicks to store
• Increase sales of Sensorflex (SFX) Boatshoe

The Strategy

Consumer data driven approach

Data collected during a 2014 study carried out by Timberland in 8 countries identified exactly who their customer is: the urban dweller with a casual interest in the outdoors.

Based on this Timberland switched to a consumer data driven approach based on this identified customer, sales Stateside were sent surging, with Timberland achieving a 13% profit margin. Now was time to bring the same strategy to Europe!

Timberland wanted to understand more about how to identify audiences based on real-world behaviour. Then effectively engage with them at that opportune moment where they’re more likely to respond.
We were challenged to engage and inspire people in the environment that was most natural to them – the urban real-world.

To achieve this, we to engage their desired urbanite casual outdoor-er with 2 key objectives in mind;
1) Drive visits into Timberland stores and partner stockists.
2) Being front of mind for their target audience at key moments when they are in a shopping mindset.

Rather than using pre-set, static demographic targeting, we needed to build these audiences based on data points taken from real-time and historical real-world behaviours. This enabled us to deliver the most enticing experience at
the highest point of intent.

We would deliver the Timberland messaging and rich media content experience at those key moments when intent was highest, based on location, custom built audiences and real world behaviours.

The Implementation

To spur audience behaviours in the real world, Vizeum worked with location experts Groundtruth to develop a solution that put data and location intelligence at the core of the campaign strategy.

The solution need to achieve the following:

  • Reach Timberland’s audience at key moments
  • Take online media to deliver offline results
  • Provide a third-party measurement the client can trust


Radial fences have traditionally been used for location targeting but research has shown 80% of these impressions can be wasted.
Instead we used Blueprints technology, which draws polygons around locations and points of interest, using location verified accurate data points to create their audience, deliver that experience and measure it confidently.

Utilising Groundtruth’s proprietary Blueprints technology we, uncovered the most pertinent location data points, we built 5 targeting strategies that we optimised during the campaign:
1) The Heritage and Younger Audience Two bespoke audiences built for Timberland, based on their core audiences and where they over index on past and present visitation data points.
2) The Affinity Audience: This audience used visitation data to key correlating locations and targeting them in real time at contextually relevant locations.
3) Proximity Driving awareness with relevant audiences nearby select Timberland stores and stockists
4) Competitor Driving awareness with relevant audiences in proximity to competitor stores to put Timberland at the top of their mind before going into a competitor.
5) Priority & Event stores: An allocated budget to deliver solely to priority Timberland owned stores and any owned stores with key events

We needed to deliver the experience in context to the user, at that precise time. This meant using location data to find an audience most likely to be in the ‘purchase’ mind-set, and deliver different creative dependent on their
context and recent behaviour.

A made for mobile experience was created, using banners and full screen interstitials split with rich media top half, competition messaging, and dynamic calls to action (including ‘Directions’ and ‘Find Out More’) at the bottom.

Giving the audience more flexibility to reach the content in the quickest way but still see visually impactful that conveyed Timberland’s message.

The Result

Business results
We positively impacted Timberland’s by driving store visits and intent to buy following our campaign. This was measured by Comscore in UK and Germany , with media results across all markets.

Store Visitations
• Store Visit Lift – 24.79%
• Total Visits after exposure – 17,578
• Incremental Visits – 3,492
• 18.2% occurred within one day of exposure to ads
Awareness, consideration and intent to buy
• Brand awareness: 24% uplift overall, 11% uplift in first mentions
• Brand consideration: 13% uplift
• Purchase intent: 5% uplift in purchase intent, 13% lift amongst females
• 59% felt positively towards the brand post campaign

Store Visitations
Comscore run with same methodology – (report in BETA in DE so Comscore approval not possible)
• Store Visit Lift – 15.94%
• Total Visits after exposure – 2,168
• Incremental Visits – 1,870
• 14.6% occurred within one day of exposure to ads
Awareness, consideration and intent to buy
• Brand awareness: 10% uplift overall, 5% uplift in 1st mention
• Brand consideration: Only behind Nike and Adidas in first mentions (more than Converse, Reebok and Puma)
• 19% visiting site, 15% visited store, 11% recommended brand
Media results
Below are the impressive media results we achieved across all markets showing high engagement with the campaign
and underpins the strong business results.

• High engagement: Secondary Action Rate (after first click) of 4.18%
4 of 6
• Best Secondary Action Rate for Priority & Event Stores tactics and within the Heritage audience

• High engagement with a Secondary action rate of 10.63%
• Exceeded benchmark CTR:with the best CTR through proximity targeting – with a CTR of 2.90%

• High engagement: Overall Secondary Action Rate (after first click) of 3.57%

• High engagement: overall Secondary Action Rate (after first click) of 2.15%

• High engagement: overall Secondary Action Rate (after first click) of 3.79%
• Best CTR was found in the Competitor audience, 2.07%, showing success in engaging competitor customers.