Winner 2018TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandE.ONLead AgencyVIZEUMContributing CompanyENGINETOMORROW IS .ONThe Challenge Business Challenge E.on needed to improve their share of the utility market. Awareness of e.on as an energy supplier was not a problem but differentiation was. In line with the unveiling of their new range of environmentally friendly solar and storage products to customers in Europe, e.on [...]
Shortlisted 2018LIFESTYLE, LUXURY & FASHION BrandTIMBERLANDLead AgencyVIZEUMContributing CompanyGROUNDTRUTHFLEX IN THE CITYThe Challenge Business Challenge Timberland were looking to change their brand perception to a ‘fresher’ Timberland that kept their heritage but also delivered innovation through more contemporary and stylish products and messaging. They wanted to draw in a younger audience while keeping their core heritage audience, [...]
SHORTLISTED 2017LIFESTYLE & LUXURY BrandTHE NORTH FACE (VF CORP)Lead AgencyVIZEUMTHE NORTH FACE THERMOBALL - DEFY WEATHER WHATEVERThe Challenge The North Face brand’s key growth barrier is the perception that it is for outdoor enthusiasts only, but irrelevant to the everyday consumer. We needed to show these everyday consumers that the Thermoball jacket is a product for their [...]