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JCDecaux, Panout, Leo Burnett, Cheil

Powering Urban Nomads

The Challenge

How do you launch an unusual smartphone feature in an unforgettable way?

In early 2019 Samsung launched their latest flagship device, the Galaxy S10, into an increasingly competitive and less differentiated global smartphone  market. Our challenge was two-fold:

  1. Create mass awareness for an unusual feature – “Wireless PowerShare” – the ability to give and receive battery charge via the S10 to other phones and Samsung
  2. Claim Samsung’s position as the most innovative smartphone manufacturer in an environment where new features such as power sharing are quickly copied by other players.

Not an easy task in a landscape of repetitive product shots and advertising campaigns in expected channels. We knew we had to bring the “PowerShare” feature to life in a moment when people needed it most and connect them over this shared experience.

The Creative Solution

Our insight: FOLP – Fear of lacking power

The new generation of achievers, also known as urban nomads, is always on the go. The secret to their mobile lifestyle that allows them to work, play, stay connected and in the know 24/7/365: their smartphones.

However, this physical reliance and emotional attachment to their mobile devices comes at a cost: anxiety as soon as the power goes down.

  • 1 in 2 Singaporeans feel insecure without their mobile phone – more than without their wallet (GWI 2019).
  • Australians experience helplessness when their phones are low on battery (Roy Morgan 2019).
  • The Turkish feel “handcuffed” when they lack power (Qualitative Research).

A lot of negative feelings tied to a smartphone and a huge opportunity for Samsung to solve real life problems.

Our strategy: The first ever OOH wireless charging stations

Through smart partnerships with leading OOH vendors like JCDecaux (Singapore, Australia) and Panout (Turkey) we identified major traffic intersections and transformed everyday bus stops into interactive, power-sharing experiences.

Our partners’ technological capabilities and openness for media creativity allowed us to  pursue  the vision of  selecting the right channel and customizing it  to  mirror the “PowerShare” feature in the most impactful way.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

Global conceptual consistency with local activation intelligence

There were distinct nuances in how each market implemented the strategy based on local geography, consumer culture, media infrastructure and purpose-led imagination.

The Singaporean team carefully curated 10 busy bus stops along Orchard Road (retail belt with 1.5M visitors weekly) and the Central Business District into powerful hubs or “emergency stations”. Commuters gained 1% of battery life in 1 minute of wireless charging while waiting for their next ride.

The Australian team created custom outdoor ads in commuter hubs across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane that enabled wireless charging. Dynamic mobile ads – using battery detecting technology and tailoring the message accordingly – drove people to the boards. Geo-targeting also provided  directions  to the closest PowerShare Stations

The Turkish team topped them all: they not only converted the most crowded bus stops in Istanbul, but combined the rescue moment of charging a dying smartphone with the positive cause of recycling paper, glass and plastic waste to keep the city clean – a media-first experiential project with purpose that made Samsung famous for caring about the environment.

The Result

We achieved tremendous results including business outcomes, earned media and external recognition. Singapore:

  • Uplift in purchase intent for S1O from 13% to 22%
  • Awareness increase of Wireless PowerShare from 70% to 83%
  • 9% uplift in the S10 having the best features competitors
  • >50% of recipients showed high affinity towards the ad
  • Earned media value of $234,000 (1 month)
  • Singapore Media Awards 2019: Winner – Best use of OOH, Finalist – Most innovative contribution by a media owner


  • 4553 Australians recharged
  • Bronze Lion in Cannes 2019: Mobile – Activation by location


  • Press coverage has resulted in $140,000 of earned media
  • Traffic statistics show 1000s of people exposed
  • 000 pieces of waste collected in 1 month campaign period (2000 glass bottles, 6000 plastic items, 20.000 paper pieces)

Global and local Samsung clients are not only highly pleased with the results, but are celebrating this execution as an example of future-forward, experiential OOH that adds true utility to people’s lives.