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Cayman vs. Drones

The Challenge

What does the typical Porsche driver look like? Male, 55 years old and posh, isn’t he?

But what if Porsche had a new model in a significant lower price segment and therefore affordable for a younger generation? We had to disrupt the stereotype of a Porsche driver and bring the new Porsche 718 Cayman into the
relevant set of a new target group – the potential buyers and Porsche drivers of tomorrow.

We aimed to emotionally charge the brand Porsche by presenting the 718 Cayman in a most adequate way among this younger target group.

The Strategy

Performance, agility and fun are the key attributes of the new Cayman. These are the same attributes that can be found within the gaming industry. Latest market research shows that the average gamer is 35 years old and 43% of
them have had higher education. Thinking about gaming, it’s especially drone racing that has become extremely popular these days. Videos of Drone-Race-League (DRL), where some of the best drone pilots in the world competing, have become increasingly popular within the general public. Drone vs. Drone is the known game. We created a new game: Porsche vs. Drones!

The question was: Can one Porsche outrun a swarm of hunter drones which are operated by masters in their field – the best drone pilots from DRL.

The Implementation

We gave it a try and teamed up with YouTube Gamer Ali-A, who is the most relevant international YouTube Gaming- Influencer, to find out. Some of the best drone pilots acted as a team against just one opponent: The Porsche 718
Cayman. On the one side, five professional drone pilots. On the other side, the 718 Cayman colored in “Miami Blue”, driven by a professional stunt driver and Ali-A on the passenger seat, navigating through the course at the docks.

A giant game of cat and mouse between three check points. Proximity sensors detonate smoke when a drone catches the car. The Porsche starts with three lives, as you do in most of online games. We got stunning material of
an exciting chase that we published on YouTube. Remarketing with bumper ads to raise the ad recall in the target group. To raise curiosity, we provided a teaser video in the Porsche focus markets (e.g. Germany, US, UK, France)
which had people wondering: is the 718 Cayman able to outrun a swarm of race drones, operated by the best drone pilots? Just another click on the watch-the-full-video-button after the teaser gave the answer.

The Result

Achieving a view-through-rate 10% higher than the benchmark, while simultaneously decreasing the cost-per-view by 25% vs. benchmark, underlines the precise targeting we’ve implemented for this campaign.
In addition, the video reached 13 million people of which 6.2 million have watched the content.

The results that we got from our post campaign survey were amazing: Ad recall increased by 57% (+21% vs. category) besides increased brand awareness of +10% within the relevant target group.