Winner 2022Automotive BrandVolkswagenEntered by:PHD GermanyCreditsTwitch, DDB/VoltageThe New Polo Challenger Series: Conquering New StadiumsThe Challenge As a result of the pandemic, life shifted more to the home and consequently also to the digital world. Many people's media consumption has changed accordingly. Younger people in particular are almost no longer accessible via traditional media. And many of [...]
Winner 2019AUTOMOTIVE BrandAudi e-tronEntered by:PHD GermanyCredits:iTunes, Podigee, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Deezer, ViertausendhertzBring the e-tron to the digital airwavesThe Challenge Audi has a history of promoting progressive, premium driving – leading the way in all wheel drive through quattro, redefining premiumness through the A8 and combining both elements in the Q range. However, their latest launch was [...]
Winner 2018AUTOMOTIVE BrandPORSCHELead AgencyPHD GERMANYContributing CompanyFUSE OMNICOM MEDIA GROUP, GOOGLE Cayman vs. DronesThe Challenge What does the typical Porsche driver look like? Male, 55 years old and posh, isn’t he? But what if Porsche had a new model in a significant lower price segment and therefore affordable for a younger generation? We had to disrupt the [...]
Shortlisted 2018AUTOMOTIVE BrandSEAT IBIZALead AgencyPHD GERMANYSEAT Ibiza - The most danceable campaignThe Challenge To launch the new generation of the Ibiza, SEAT’s communication approach needed to break the clutter and set apart from competitors. With its rich Barcelona heritage and being the youngest brand within the VW group, Seat can be the perfect fit for a [...]