Inclusion & Trust in the Commercial Side of the Media Sector One of the objectives of the World Media Group’s working group on Trust & Engagement is to develop a better understanding of the perception of our brands within the wider media / advertising industry. Together with The Third Culture and the Brixton Finishing School, we recently [...]
The desire to become a more purpose-driven business is one of the positive trends to emerge from the pandemic and brands are becoming increasingly more progressive in their outlook. Last week’s Advertising Week Europe had a whole track dedicated to Purpose & Practice, and while purpose can encompass many things, it’s clear that in today’s [...]

82% of respondents choose to amplify content through trusted digital media channels  The World Media Group, a strategic alliance of the world’s leading media brands, today released its annual content report: Global Content Marketing Futures. The survey, which questioned key influencers across advertisers, agencies, media brands and consultancies, focused on budgets and implementation strategies as […]

2021 has been a transition year and while many of us hoped there would be time to reflect, we moved instead into a period of frantic activity. As we enter 2022, will the enthusiasm that came out of the pandemic – to build back better, smarter and greener – hold true? We asked members of [...]