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The Challenge

For the launch of the Blockbuster Wonder Woman, Warner Bros wanted to expand the movie appeal beyond the traditional Super-Hero & Action loving fans to a broader movie going audience.

Wonder Woman is a strong, wonderful character, but she is a woman in a woman’s role, not a woman trying to outass-kick a man. This character cares about people and about families and she is a defender of those who are

Latin America is a region with a great diversity of cultures, from Argentina to Mexico there are a variety of rich traditions. Latin Americans are very proud of them, in fact there is always a good reason to celebrate and embrace
their traditions.

In Latin America, one of the most effective marketing tools at our disposal is to bring the subject matter of a film home to specific communities by connecting the themes of the film directly with the local culture in a unique way.
With Wonder Woman, the unifying theme of the bracelets, which are a symbol of Wonder Woman’s power, protection, and ingenuity, offered an opportunity to showcase the exuberant diversity of Latin America’s female artisans and women’s groups, while underscoring the film’s broader themes of female empowerment.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to provide a platform where Wonder Woman would serve as a conduit to showcase the exuberant diversity of Latin America’s culture while underscoring the film’s broader themes of female empowerment.

Since one of the most iconic assets of Wonder Woman are her bracelets, gifts from the gods and primary source of self-defense, we created the Wonder Women Bracelets Project.

The project consisted in gathering women artisans from across Latin America to create their own interpretations of Wonder Woman’s wrist bracelets showcasing the extraordinary diversity of traditions in each region.
We would enlist a number of facilitators such as NGOs, established artisans and well-known artists, to join the project and develop with them new skills, improve their craft to take their work to the next level and help them and
their communities.

This project would illustrate the creativity, fortitude and pride of these women, whose stories would resonate with our broader target.

The project and stories would be leveraged across PR, events and content generated for TV distribution.

The Implementation

Fourteen Latin American countries participated of the initiative, and in each artisan women were briefed to create bracelets representing Wonder Woman’s attributes – Power, Wisdom, Grace, and Strength. The approach was
different in each country:
1. In Brazil, we worked with the NGO Cerratinga which worked with women from Jalapão who use traditional handmade materials.
2. In Colombia, we worked with jeweler Mercedes Salazar, who worked hand-in-hand with women from la Guajira to combine their knowledge with traditional indigenous metalworking and craft skills.
3. In Mexico, with technology partners Epic Queen and Google, young girls were taught how to code 3D printable bracelets. And in addition, we worked with the Museum of Mexican Design, to bring together more than 75 local
designers and artisans who created their idea of Wonder Woman’s bracelets and donated the funds earned from their sale to expand the Epic Queen “coding girl” program.

Additionally, artisans from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Panama and Puerto Rico, also participated in creating their own bracelets.

The bracelets featured at the Latin America Premiere in Mexico City, where the young girls from Epic Queen stood at the red carpet with main actress Gal Gadot and Director Patty Jenkins to participate in the successful release of the
film. The initiative was supported by a strong PR campaign.

To expand the initiative and make it a full 360 campaign, we partnered with Home & Health, the leading female network in the region.
Home & Health created a 2-minute branded content capsule featuring the Wonder Woman Bracelets Project, in which the movie main star, Gal Gadot explained the project delivering an empowering message, and invited
audiences to see the movie.

The branded content piece ran during the key period of the movie release and within a special franchise.

The Result

The buzz generated around the Wonder Woman Bracelets Project was amazing, the paid media capsule reached more than 2 million women in the region, and it generated a PR exposure worth of around 1 million dollars. In Brazil alone, the videos of the initiative reached more than 600k views.

The most important numbers were at the box office, were Wonder Woman has been a spectacular success in Latin America generating so far an impressive $86.4 million which is the 4th largest movie of the year and the 5th biggest
Warner Bros release of all time in Latin America.