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The Challenge

Tiffany and Co. has varying perceptions across the world—from America’s darling silver brand to a high end, established luxury jeweller. Because the culture of each market yields varying opinions about Tiffany & Co., the 180-
year old brand strived to reinforce its place in the luxury market place as a must-have fashion brand across the globe.

In 2017 Tiffany & Co. sought to reinvigorate its fashion jewelry offering with a new and unexpected downtown streetstyle line in hopes to transform brand perception in the eyes of the trendy, fashion-forward consumer. Their solution
was to launch an edgy and rebellious collection that symbolizes the creativity and versatility of the brand with Lady Gaga at the forefront. Dubbed the HardWear collection, the fresh new product offering was first launched in the
United States during the Super Bowl to align with Lady Gaga’s unforgettable half time performance.

Wavemaker, formerly MEC, was tasked with extending the business impact of the HardWear launch across 32 markets. What happened next was a mission to turn a 180-year-old brand into a 31-year-old worldwide style icon.

The Strategy

Stage 1: Make an Entrance
By creating an intricately woven video narrative with Lady Gaga expressing her love and respect for Tiffany & Co., we were able to connect with the influencer & fan base through storytelling in a much more authentic way. Coupled
with unique formats and opportunistic placement, the campaign launched in various stages across the largest markets.

In the United States, unique synergies were found when the spot aired in the last placement before the halftime show… when Lady Gaga herself took center stage.

In Australia, where Tiffany has inherited a silver perception, we needed to give a dramatic edge to the brand. Style powerhouse ‘Who What Wear’ was leveraged by aligning, and integrating on brand messaging and editorial with the #Streeties award, highlighting the best in street fashion.

In the luxury-laden European market, innovative and high impact units dominated mobile. Shoppable video overlays and canvas units grabbed attention and boosted opportunity for sale.

Stage 2: Maintain Momentum
Does the cool girl have to say she is cool? We didn’t think so. Rather than touting the new collection through our messaging, we leveraged go-to style voices worldwide to tell our story in a more natural way. Aligning Tiffany and
owned Lady Gaga content with the style influencers and publications on the edge of fashion, we shined a new light on an old brand. Worldwide Tiffany HardWear infiltrated style blogs, “must have” lists, publisher Instagram posts and A-list parties. Just as fashion is absorbed and curated, our media was disseminated.

The Implementation

We targeted Lady Gaga’s extensive fan base, edgy fashionistas and lookalikes of Tiffany customers to extend the reach of the spot on both YouTube and Facebook. Search strategy was also adjusted to absorb those searching for
“Lady Gaga”.

Influencers were handpicked based on alignment with the HardWear ethos and their influence in key urban markets – London, New York, LA, and Miami. Media programs facilitated launch parties to bring together influencers, editors, and style icons for additional earned editorial and social support. Through a series of Facebook Posts, Instagram Photos and Snapchat Stories, the influencers shared their personal, surprising experiences of wearing the collection.

They also posted live updates from the HardWear market launch events to their avid followers

Additional media support across Print, Digital, Social, and OOH were customized to combat the varying in-market perceptions. In Italy, OOH appeared in Milan. Bespoke custom photo shoots by Senatus and Grazia elevated the brand and created awareness in Asia Pacific

On Facebook and Instagram worldwide we utilized immersive canvas and carousel posts to make the collection explorable. Social eComm-driving formats were then used to retarget consumers and close sale.

Shoppable display and video content was emphasized across Digital and Social platforms to strengthen e-commerce results across desktop and mobile.

The Result

• E-commerce sales were up 10% in 1H’17 vs. 1H’16 (North America)
• 135% lift in Product Searches for HardWear vs. Tiffany from Feb-June (US)
• Shoppable overlay on WWW delivered 5.81% CTR & a record number of clicks (9,000+) across their social platforms (UK)
• Video completion rates on Mobkoi of 42.75% excelled against industry average benchmarks of 25-30% (UK)
• Brand Studies demonstrated advertising effectiveness
• Significant gains in spontaneous awareness (+25%) helping propel brand to 1st brand that comes to mind when thinking of high end jewellery (UK)
• Tiffany increased brand leadership amongst key competitors with positive brand consideration at 79% exposed vs 72% unexposed (UK)
• Campaign helped spark overwhelming positivity & curiosity towards the new collection, with 42% feeling compelled to take positive action as a result of seeing campaign (UK)
• Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl placement boosted searches and views on YouTube, effectively increasing ad recall 148% above benchmark. (North America)
• Targeted Facebook efforts yielded 8-point lift in Brand Affinity (North America)