Shortlisted 2018




Lead Agency


SEAT Ibiza - The most danceable campaign

The Challenge

To launch the new generation of the Ibiza, SEAT’s communication approach needed to break the clutter and set apart from competitors. With its rich Barcelona heritage and being the youngest brand within the VW group, Seat
can be the perfect fit for a young, urban target audience. To raise relevance, we had to change the brand perception by presenting the brand in an all new way. The core values “young” and “dynamic” had to be set in the mindset of the target group – urban individualists – who are not only hard to reach but even harder to inspire. Only if we managed to give the brand an emotional attitude the target audience would admire the aspirational positioning of the product and accept the value for brand expressed by higher pricing.

The Strategy

We aimed to go beyond the classical 360° campaign by bringing our claim “Start Moving” to live. In other words: we had to make our target group literally start moving.

Our Insight: Music is the most common denominator between SEAT and our target group – and “Start Moving” as campaign claim matches perfectly to that topic. Furthermore, music is charged with a lot of emotions and everybody
has personal connections to different types of music. It helps us to transport the Barcelona lifestyle and the new attitude of the SEAT Ibiza within an intuitive and understandable way.

Our benefit: Credibility in music – the gate to the young target. SEAT as a brand is music proven due to several years of continuous and credible music activation in Germany.

The Implementation

Various digital assets on Spotify and tagging of the TVC via Shazam pushed traffic to the central campaign digital platform.

Once arrived on the platform hosted by Spotify, users were enabled to analyze their own music habits evaluated by a personal moving score. That means: Together with Spotify we developed an algorithm that helped us to rate the
personal playlists of Spotify users with the result, that we can pronounce an individual moving score “How danceable is your music taste?” In accordance to their moving score they were not only shown a “Start Moving” playlist to
improve their music lists with more danceable songs but the appropriate trim level of the new SEAT Ibiza.

The Result

The seamless customer journey and content they loved (average dwell time: 181 seconds) created the most successful Spotify campaign in Germany. (68% relevance: + 70% above Spotify benchmark). We generated brand
impact and managed to uplift young spirited by 20% and dynamic by 23%. Spotify and our own tracking tools helped us to measure the campaign.