Shortlisted 2018




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The Challenge

Vente-privee is a French e-commerce company that pioneered the model of online flash sales. These sales include a diverse selection of product categories: fashion, accessories or watches.

How to create a new way (innovative, creative and strategic) to sale clothes ?
How to make real the brand promise of entertaining shopping?
How to do that without spending money in media buying?**

The Strategy

Make a partnership with the French artist “Broken Back” and create with him and a creative studio a content that is way more attractive that a classic ad: An interactive music video and promote our clothes directly inside it.

To catch peoples’ attention, we did a world first concept:
Ever thought you could make it as a stylist? Now you can put your creativity to the test, thanks to a music video that lets the viewer pick the protagonist’s outfits, with each choice influencing the storyline as well as the hemline. For
example, only one style go inside of the club.

Experience it on :

The Implementation

Experience it on :

Created for a catchy song called “The Sooner the Better” by Parisian electro-folk artist Broken Back, the interactive version of the video starts with an old lady knitting in a room. A card is pushed under her door, bearing the message,
“Never crossed the line?”

The heroine steps up to get ready for an adventure, but will she go in a masculine suit? Or dressed as a punk, a gym bunny, a chic society lady, or a party girl? Switch styles and see where the different looks take you, but if you play it too safe, prepare to be told, “You can be more trashy than that.”

Directly on the website ,you can navigate into all the different styles that are available in a private sales create by “Vente-Privee” for the occasion.

The Result

The launch was a huge success.

Without any media buying, we had 1 Millions view on the experience, and the sale was sold out in less than 24 hours.On this day, people still have fun with it.
By creating an entertainment instead of a promotional ad, we succeed to transform the brand promise into a reality.

The campaign was watched in 178 countries (on 195 existing) !!!!!
We also won all the Web Awards for the UI, the UX and the innovation (FWA, Awwwards, CSS design) and WMA18 is the first ad award we apply for.