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Bombay Sapphire

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Deliveroo, AMV/BBDO

The Creative Express

The Challenge

The festive period for the spirit industry is incredibly tough, the competitive nature of the markets makes it hard for brands to cut-through and their share of voice is often overpowered by brands from other industry with larger
budgets. Whilst this is common to all spirit brands, Bombay is facing an even bigger challenge: It is seen as a safe brand. Bombay Sapphire which was recognized as creative and differentiated by being the first gin brand to launch a blue bottle in a sea of green bottles has now lost a bit of its shine.

The hard consequence? Younger consumers don’t think of Bombay when they are faced with multiple drink choices. To counteract this, the key objective of our festive campaign was to set out a clear role for Bombay to drive relevancy. To do this, we had to seamlessly integrate the brand within our audience’s culture & habits.

The Strategy

The key to this campaign was to find a way to integrate within our audience’s life and clearly set out a role for Bombay. For this, we explored what were the stress factors amongst our audience during December. We found that
more than half of the audience (25-44) felt overwhelmed during the festive season and that they really struggled to handle party planning. Most of them agreed that they would automatically default to off-the-shelf solutions to avoid
long stressful evening of cooking & preparing drinks for their guests. These insights presented two opportunities for the brand; not only Bombay could facilitate these evenings but it could also help the brand highlighting its creativity. The campaign had come out of the ordinary and needed to immerse consumers into a full brought-to-home experience.

We had a restricted budget, so we need to make sure that the activity was effective and impactful. We decided to go for fewer, bigger, better. We researched, in each of the three countries, which city had the largest audience pool and then geo-targeted all activities to this city. In order to be cost efficient, we focused our investment on social media, as we could reach our audience easily but also take them on a journey, from driving excitement and curiosity for the activity, to encouraging click-through and participation.

The Implementation

Bombay Sapphire teamed up with Deliveroo to bring the audience the first ever on-demand party to their own home. To ensure that this wasn’t time-consuming for the audience and to avoid drop-off, the process had to be easy. So all the audience had to do to participate was to open their Deliveroo App & order a cocktail kit. The lucky ones then had the chance to see either a mixologist, a music band or a DJ turn up to their home.

To ensure scale, the pre & post phases were as important as the day of the Deliveroo event. Each country drove excitement through teasers geo-located to the specific cities mainly across paid social. As the Festive Express date
was coming closer, they continued to generate excitement by re-targeting users that had previously been engaged with the content until they finally released the event date. On the night, geo-targeted paid social posts were alerting people that the Festive Express was live and that they could order at the push of a button.

The activity was ended with a wrap-up video that was amplified nationally ahead of Christmas to drive relevancy to a wider audience and showcase Bombay’s creativity. Alongside this activity, product posts were also supported where consumers could find the recipes brought by the Deliveroo cocktail kits.

The Result

Each stage of the campaign had different media KPIs and we saw very positive results overall. The pre & post videos were optimised towards views and we saw high VTR of 18.6% (UK), 22% (DE) and 26% (Spain), all largely over the
countries benchmarks.

Excitement and interest was particularly high in Germany were we saw the videos completion rate going up to 40%. On the night of the event, we were driving directly to the Deliveroo app, and here again, the results were proven
positive with over 19k clicks in DE & 2k clicks in the UK. Spain didn’t drive clicks on the night of the event but capitalised on the relationship with Deliveroo where we saw a 29% open rate for the emails sent (vs. 16% open rate

The Festive Express on Deliveroo was part of the top 1% restaurants browsed in Germany & Spain, whilst it was in the top 20% in the UK. In the UK, we were able to drive a brand study looking at the Ad Recall. The campaign drove up to 20% Ad recall rate. In total, over 35 cocktails kits were delivered and 6 lucky winner got their on-demand party delivered.