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Putting Samsung Live Recommerce At The Heart Of World Environment Day


Twitter, RGA, Razorfish


Younger shoppers prefer to buy sustainable brands, and are willing to spend an extra 10% or more on sustainable products. Despite this, less than 20% of discarded TVs, computers, phones and other electronics are recycled. A big majority of purchases in tech are still for new products.

Samsung is increasing its commitment to solutions that help combat this and improve carbon footprint and product sustainability. Samsung’s certified renewable program involves the responsible recycling of products at the very highest standards.

However, it’s a programme not well known by phone buyers, who are most likely to buy refurbished phones from 3rd party retailers who don’t repair and recycle to Samsung’s exacting standards.

A fifth of consumers say they intend to buy or sell refurbished products in the next year – we needed to turn this good intention into action. Our challenge was to do this in an extremely noisy category, filled with cluttered advertising and promotion from tech brands, phone networks and retailers.

We had to stand apart from this clutter, and to do this we made the choice to focus on driving action in a key moment: World Environment Day. It’s a day when many people are actively looking for ways to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

The Content Solution


We knew that conversation around climate change has exploded on social media platforms like Twitter.

• In 2021, users of the keyword ‘sustainability’ were 23x more likely to also be interested in technology.
• 2 in 3 Twitter users believe that sustainability is a key factor when buying a product.
• 21% of Twitter users are more likely than non-users to believe private corporations are totally responsible for their ecological impact.

We identified Twitter as the key place to reach and inspire a like-minded community to take action on World Environment Day. It wouldn’t be enough to “raise awareness”, we needed to leverage Twitter in a way that would draw users in and inspire them to recycle or buy a refurbished product next.

To do this, we created Twitter’s first ever re-commerce livestream. We worked with two hero influencers design a day’s worth of live, actionable, shoppable video on Twitter:

• Kirsten Collins – Host of Samsung Live videos, influencer
• Leah Thomas – Globally-recognized climate activist and influencer

We capitalized on Twitter taking their shoppable livestream from alpha to beta in more countries, which would allow users watching the livestream to buy Samsung renewable products directly through the platform.

By combining a livestream with Twitter’s new live shopping module, Kirsten and leah used their unique styles to show audiences how to live a more sustainable lifestyle through upcycled clothes, accessories, and their refurbished Galaxy Devices during a ‘Re-New’ livestream. Users tuned into the livestream to hear inspiring stories about relevant, renewable initiatives, and had the opportunity to join in directly.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution


To maximize both audience and action on the day, we activated in three phases to a global audience on Twitter:

  1. The teaser. We made people aware of the upcoming Re-New livestream, by inviting Twitter users to “register” using Twitter’s ‘Heart-to-remind’ feature, working with Kirsten and Leah to promote their tweets encouraging people to sign-up.
  2. The livestream: on World Enviroment Day, Kirsten and Leah delivered the Re-New livestream in key chapters:
  • Showing viewers easy ways to live a more sustainable life.
  • Educating them about Samsung’s Certified Renewable program and the quality of the devices people could buy then-and-there.
  • Kirsten hosted a Re-new Collection design challenge which focused on upcycling clothing, which Twitter users were able to vote for via Polls.
  1. For those who missed out. Through replays and promoted Tweets we gave users who missed the live event another opportunity to watch and visit Samsung’s Renewables website. Twitter polls also asked users how they were going to continue to participate in World Environmental Day based on their new knowledge, acting as way to get them to commit to changing their behaviour.

The Results


The Re-New livestream on World Environmental Day successfully drove younger buyers to discover and try Samsung’s Certified Re-Newable products in the Twitter shop and learn more about Samsung’s sustainability solutions.

We drove 209K registrations before the day itself – 110K of those engagements came from iPhone users, indicating the strength of interest across a typically loyal audience.

During the livestream our engaging content drove results that surpassed Twitter benchmarks:

• 3.5 million livestream views within 60 minutes, surpassing the planned benchmark by +33%, and driving over 1M clicks to
• Livestream video view rate of over 43%, outperforming planned benchmarks by +300%.
• The UK delivered a 0.31% Shoppable CTR, +29% above the benchmark.

After the event we continued to drive strong response:

• Twitter website cards drove 1.16 million link clicks, surpassing the planned amount by +883%, and achieving a click-through rate of over 10%.
• Promoted Tweets delivered 164,226 engagements overall, with Sustainability (+1.7%), older Devices (+2.6%) and Retargeting (+15.7%) targeting tactics performing best.
• Our ‘commitment’ Twitter Polls in the US outperformed the engagement rate benchmark by +30%.

By bringing the worlds of live commerce and re-commerce together, Re-New smashed all our targets, and has set us on the path to get more people actively choosing more sustainable tech from Samsung.