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A triumph for Triumph

The Challenge

Triumph Lingerie wanted to accelerate growth. Just like any other retail brands, they were challenged to act beyond brick and-mortar businesses and adapt to the ever-changing online landscape.  Triumph wanted to strengthen their (#1) position in the Taiwan market, but at the same time they did not want to lose sight of creating meaningful connections with their audience (Source: Client’s 1st Party Data). They acknowledge that every woman’s life takes a distinct path, every journey is different and that identities are multi-layered.

The brand called for personalization that had not been practiced before and wanted a positive ROI strategy to transform their business once and for all.

Triumph had room to grow in awareness and consideration in Taiwan but was seeing large gaps in that final step to conversion (Source: Client’s 1st Party Data). The competitive landscape is cluttered, with many new players looking around the corner.  At the same time, the pandemic had a negative impact on available media budgets which is why the brand couldn’t allow for a big revamp of their content approach. The global assets available and the ‘single creative fits all’ strategy were not closing the sales that were needed. We had to be smart and go beyond a standard consumer segmentation to differentiate from competitors. Our task was to improve relevance across the journey: giving the right trigger, at the right moment, to the right audience.

Shopping for lingerie is a personalized experience. Each woman is unique and has different needs and preferences. The key to success is understanding our audiences – and to do this effectively we sought the help of technology and data.

The Creative Solution

Personalization at scale is not just some elusive goal reserved for multinational clients with enormous budgets.

This is a case that demonstrates how Wavemaker’s five step Addressable Content process changed Triumph’s approach to advertising forever. A true first for Triumph as well as for Wavemaker, this campaign could not have been more successful from a provocation and innovation perspective.

This campaign delivered tangible financial value to the client, created relevance for the Triumph consumer and has further solidified our position as the client’s trusted business partner.

Using our proprietary Wavemaker DCO tool, Personalized Provocation, we were able to cost efficiently produce personalized banners for our audience. We collaborated with Triumph’s in-house creative team to retrofit asset particles such as imagery, copy, fonts, logos and CTAs. We guided Triumph to transform their communication from a product features and promos focused approach to a much more effective, human approach. With an image library of over 2000+ assets, we were able to do much more than just sending the right message to the right people, at the right time: we connected with our audience.  We also impressed our client: “I see Wavemaker as an extension of my team. They understand our business, what works and

what doesn’t and make recommendation based on facts.” – Neil Lewis, Head of Marketing Asia

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

A successful Addressable Content approach is as much about how teams and stakeholders work together as it is about which platforms and technology are selected.  With this in mind, we started by organizing a full day strategy kick-off workshop with all stakeholders (clients and agency teams) to make sure content and precision would work in harmony. This was going to be different than the industry wide and well known DCO approach; our approach was led by strategic rigor and tech-magic, with the only goal to provide value for Triumph’s consumers.

Blending our unique insights with our consumers’ journey stages, we were able to build a decision tree mapping out different creative variations for each persona in the prospecting stage. To give people the last push to purchase, we also built an extensive retargeting framework based on consumers’ website behaviors. This part ranged from retargeting people who visited the home page of the website, to people who went to a specific product page, or people who abandoned their cart.

Because of the prospecting objective of the campaign, we decided to focus our efforts on programmatic display – a channel that normally does not allow a very personal approach was in this case the perfect opportunity for Triumph to differentiate from its competitors.

Our activation team developed a proprietary Addressable Content tool – making sure the production process was automated, allowing for personalization at scale. With an image library of over 2000+ assets, we were able to do much more than just sending the right message to the right people, at the right time: we connected with our audience.  But as we have gotten to April 2020, we hit a pause with the pandemic… However not for long. The week after we were able to update all our creatives with the use of a quarantine insight, we shifted from product benefits focus to a human approach.  Copies were changed from: “Discover the innovation behind the Smart Fit Bra”, to: “You don’t have to compromise on style when you’re home all day”. And it worked like a charm (Source: Client’s 1st Party Data).

The Result

Results were apparent in three different areas:


  • Every single audience segment outperformed the 2019 benchmark for CTR% with at least 30% (and max. 350%)
  • Cost per click decreased with 45% versus 2019 Triumph benchmarks for programmatic display.
  • 41% of the conversions come from retargeting people who visited a specific product page at least once.
  • 22% of the conversions come from people who abandoned their cart. They are then retargeted with items that they had saved in their cart.
  • ROI increased with 300% vs. static approach. (Source: Client’s 1st Party Data)


Product insights: We know that people interested in personal care are most likely to buy a ‘Sculpt’ product.

Audience insights:

  • Established Women are most likely to click our ad and buy a product following our ad.
  • Young Moms were most likely to click the ad after seeing the COVID-19 related copy

(Source: Client’s 1st Party Data)

Creative insights:

Result increase starts to slow down after two months of the ad being live. Full wear out occurs after three months.  Because of this insight, we can make the most out of every ad.

(Source: Client’s 1st Party Data)


We have helped Triumph revamp their overall content approach. With the use of one dynamic template, which allows for many variations (2000) we have taken pressure off the in-house design team.

These outcomes combined led to Triumph asking us to expand this approach in 2021 to two additional markets. In January 2021 we officially also kicked off in Singapore and Malaysia using addressable content for the Chinese New Year campaign.  Again, the results were very positive; CPC dropped with 35% in MY and with 37% in Singapore. The total savings realized across all markets for the Chinese New Year campaign, were 18% vs. the static campaigns.