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Sharing Mastery: An Extraordinary Journey Into The Future

The Challenge

When The Macallan and Bentley Motors formed an exclusive partnership, the challenge was clear: How should that story be told and in what manner should that info be shared to not only legitimize the strategic alignment but to bring together the two luxury brands in a meaningful and authentic way.

The challenge was magnified by two factors: 1.) the brands already enjoyed loyal followings, which made it imperative that any content needed to really dive deep into the foundations of the respective companies and the products that they make, and 2.) the lifestyle brands operate in very disparate industries, so added attention needed to be paid to the common DNA that both brands shared. That would help audiences to understand that this alignment wasn’t a shallow marketing opportunity; that there was true substance and legitimacy behind it.

In the end—and through early communication with both companies—it became clear that the partnership was one that aligned the two luxury brands in three key areas: craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability. Those were the pillars that all multimedia content would be built upon and targeted to the US, UK, Canada and Mexico.

The Content Solution

Robb Report Studio produced three videos. These mini documentaries, which were narrated (and moderated) by automotive expert and racecar driver Vicki Butler-Henderson, were prefaced by a digital written feature that informed readers of the new partnership and reminded them of the ways in which the two brands are similar.

For example, The Macallan’s traditional manner of distilling single-malt Scotch whisky and letting it age in seasoned wood casks for the better part of two decades was juxtaposed by the unique, hand-sewn cross-stitching work that’s at the core of the leather-embossed steering wheel of a Bentley Flying Spur. In both cases, the production methods require dedication and patience—they are both labors of love.

These observations and comparisons set the tone for the level of detail and depth of immersion that would follow, both on the screen and in written form, as each artfully produced video was accompanied by a written piece that elaborated on the principles that were highlighted in each video.

When it came to connecting The Macallan and Bentley Motors on the topic of craftsmanship, Robb Report Studio interviewed master whisky maker Kirsteen Campbell, who expressed her excitement to collaborate with the British automaker on new, special releases. Likewise, Maria Mulder, the head of color, materials, and finishes at Bentley Motors, acknowledged that there is an enthusiasm that is born from learning about another brand’s process of creation. Furthermore, she conveyed the strong sense of responsibility that she and her team feel for continuing their own brand’s legacy of quality and craftsmanship.
In the second video installment, Elizabeth McMillan—the senior marketing manager for sustainability at The Macallan—acknowledged how much she and the whisky company’s entire team can learn from Bentley Motors, given that the automaker achieved a carbon-neutral status at its manufacturing facility.

Similarly, Alex Quelch-Cliffe, the decarbonization manager for Bentley Motors, explained that The Macallan’s own approach to nurturing its estate was inspiring and that the Scotch whisky-maker’s efforts to bolster the planet’s tenacity provided further resolve and guidance.

And as it pertains to innovation, Robb Report Studio not only spotlighted the ways in which The Macallan and Bentley Motors have blazed new trails within their respective industries, it also revealed how both brands intend to further their innovation efforts by learning from one another.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

In collaboration with The Macallan, Bentley and Publicis teams, we promoted and amplified the campaign through platforms and strategies that aligned with the Robb Report and identified targeted audience.

Serving on all Robb Report digital channels and geo-targeting countries; United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico– the campaign engaged audiences interested in spirits, automobiles, innovation, design, sustainabilty, craftsmanship and more.

Over 17.5 million impressions were served on the website through high-impact units and native promotions generating traffic back to the articles/videos. In addition, social media served a targeted audience of over 6 million impressions. With all driving back to the content the audiences were engaged and interested to learn more.

The Result

At the conclusion of the campaign—there were over 100 of pieces of custom assets created which includes the custom videos generating more than 1.5 million views, and the written stories garnering more than 2.5 million page views. Overall generating over 26 million impressions for the campaign.

The campaign success was also supported by a custom brand effectiveness study conducted by Nielson. The results showed that campaign favored the content with an 83% rating. In addition to an increase in brand recognition (96%) and highlighted a raise in awareness on the three pillars craftsmanship (73% to 93%), innovation (56% to 84%), and sustainability (45% to 81%).

Overall, the content created drove the success of reaching a targeted audience in four countries and with engagement and awareness for The Macallan and Bentley. Ultimately resulting in a large reach and interested audience.