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Re-humanizing digital relationships

The Challenge

Our client came to us for help in driving a change in brand perception, to build trust with our 18-34 YOA target group and drive new memberships.  ‘’Meetic Group’’ operates a collection of 8 online dating sites in Europe, they are the preferred and most recommended brand and European Leader present in 15 countries covering 13 languages. In 2018 their billings amounted to an estimated 190€ million gross in Europe. We service their brand in 9 European countries.  Its most successful brands include some of the industry’s most well-known services such as Match in the UK, MEETIC in France and LEXA in the Netherlands, our case study will focus on these 3 markets and these 3 apps.

The meaningfulness of these brands and their unique strength is their commitment to real love, their apps really focus on giving daters the opportunity to form meaningful connections, These brands are a reliable expert, one who understand singles and shows empathy.

Nevertheless, these where being shunned by younger crowds who perceived these platforms as one their parents would use, less relevant, less cool and flaky.  But they understood that if this situation continued, they would simply disappear from the app dating scene, or worst: they would consolidate their image of a dating app for Mom, Dad, and grandparents…

The Creative Solution

To change brand perception, attract younger users and increase new memberships among our target group age, we needed to go way beyond incentives, promotions and add-ons – We looked at our audience in those 3 countries, and stripping away anything to do with cultural specificities, we identified one common insight: whether you live in France, UK or The Netherlands, Seriousness & Meaningful Dating is the new Sexy. Commitment is the true value of our time, but the problem:

Nobody dares to talk about love anymore.

And the new apps that have led dating into the gamification game do not help, it has made finding genuine and serious relationships more difficult for people. This is leading to dating fatigue and mistrust of dating services.  This situation gives us a unique opportunity for the brand to rejuvenate its vision of commitment and in the process, change the brands perception.

We called our Creative Solution: Keep on Rehumanizing Digital Relationships.  Our aim for all 3 markets was to build media experiences that create real genuine connections with people that truly matter, by speaking honestly in a lighthearted way, with authentic content of compelling real-life experiences on the most trusted

media and with the most authentic brand advocates, in short: we offered a human centric approach to deliver meaningful performance.

More specifically, we identified 3 jobs to be done,

Make all 3 brands:

  1. the best place to start a meaningful dating journey.
  2. more relevant in people’s life to drive interest (drive conviction)
  3. more desirable for younger generations and women.

In France we took a humoristic approach and developed a content strategy around the idea that wanting a serious relationship is a valid desire, but you mustn’t take yourself too seriously.

In The Netherlands we took a pedagogical route and tweaked our targeting attract mostly women. Our content was based on 3 documentaries where a famous female Dutch Journalist explored the world of online dating & love.

And in the UK, we also mainly targeted women and worked with a female influencer to create videos which talked about some of the pain points of modern dating and broadcasted the content with a Sky One Channel sponsorship.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

For all three markets we wanted to deliver efficient media to optimize the cost per registration (PERFORMANCE) but also wanted to find an equilibrium with branding to create TOM Awareness and Engagement. We did this with a content strategy that would contribute to make the brand more relevant and desirable for younger generations.

This is what our media planification looked like:

  1. Making Meetic the best place to start a meaningful dating journey and drive Registration would require us to increase TOM , Awareness and engagement.

We used broadcasting media such as: TV (sponsoring hero programs) BVOH, radio & Audio and OOH.

  1. To showcase what only Meetic can do and to enhance value for money perception and drive Conviction that would eventually PERSUADE AND DRIVE TRIAL, we would associate with meaningful partners that were important to our target group. In addition, we used Radio Interviews and social media content, content partnerships, display and social.
  2. To develop proximity, sustain esteem with the target audience, (not only on peak periods) we got intimate with singles by putting out branded content on social media.

This media strategy was activated in each country differently:

In France we increased TOM, awareness, and engagement by sponsoring La Flamme, the French equivalent of Burning Love, the American comedy series that is a spoof of reality dating competition shows like The Bachelor. We had the main character appear in Cameos on some of the Meetic Ads that had already been running on TV and we turned Marc into a love coach by posting his best love tips videos on social media once he found love on the series and the season ended.

In the Netherlands we partnered with an online platform popular with young women ( to create 3 short documentaries in which a famous and inspiring female Dutch journalist takes a look at love in our modern digital age. We used Lexa’s extensive app data and interviews with relationship experts to bring credibility to the content.

In the UK, we set out to work with recognizable and relevant partners to our young women audience, with TV Sponsorships, PVOD, social and Audio.

To build reach and coverage we sponsored Sky One Channel, where our audience was over indexed for watching.  We also worked with an influencer to produce content that looked at some of the pain points of modern dating, this was pushed on PVOD, social and audio.

The Result

The campaign was successful in all 3 countries, our media strategy of mixing performance and branding paid off.

In France, after the La Flamme Series ended we ran a survey and results demonstrate that we managed to influence the perception of La Flamme fans: 92% of La Flamme fans think that Meetic is a modern, or an app that is relevant today, that is 38% more than fans that where not exposed to the TV Show.  But the best part was that we obtained the business results we where after with Meetic registering an increase of 15% in new

profiles from our target group age, we also registered a 54% increase in app activity from our target age group when compared with the previous year.

In the Netherlands where we associate Lexa with modernity and engage younger single women, our KPI’s demonstrate that we succeeded in reaching out target group with 13K clicks, 1.4M impressions and a CTR of 0,94%, a great result when you consider our benchmark was 0,5%-1%.

Our content was popular with the VTR for completed views over 4%, very high compared to social media benchmark or 0,8%.  Our PVOD activity garnered 500K Impressions, over 350K completed views of our 3 documentaries and a VTR of 66%.

In the UK, our sponsorship of Sky One TV, a channel was a winning strategy.  Over the campaign period Match exceeded their registration targets and were 10% higher than forecast.  Brand tracking after the campaign also showed we increase TOM awareness by 8%, WOM by 2% and consideration by 6%.  The brand tracking also saw and 4% and 12% improvement on differentiation and empowerment.

The Sky One Sponsorship had a very strong performance as we delivered 11% more TVRs thanks planned and overdelivered on reach and frequency.