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The Power Playbook: How Leaders Use Renewables


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The Challenge

Global carbon emissions inched higher last year but the increase was less than what had been feared thanks in part to the booming demand for renewable energy.

“Without clean energy, the growth in CO2 emissions would have been nearly three times as high.”
Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA). Business, 2 March 2023, and published in The Wall Street Journal print edition on 3 March 2023

The universal urgency surrounding climate change and the solutions offered by the transition to renewable energy is a high-level priority for the international business community, policy-makers and investors. But a question remains…

“How fast should firms go? We need to go as fast as possible”.
Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera, Global Director of Climate Change and Alliances, Iberdrola
Speaking at a panel discussion on The Global Framework Needed to Eliminate Carbon Emissions at The Wall Street Journal’s inaugural Journal House COP27, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 8 November 2022

The Spanish-based global energy corporation Iberdrola has been committed to clean energy, renewables and combating climate change for more than twenty years. Having first collaborated on an award-winning custom podcast series, Power to Change, during the height of the pandemic, Iberdrola and WSJ had already established a highly credible foundation in this important, informative and crucial topic.

Thought leadership on climate change and renewables is ongoing and requires a trusted steady hand, so for 2022/23, Iberdrola and WSJ joined forces again on a new The Power Playbook video series, and this time also integrating speaking moments now that in-person global events were returning.

Our aim for this campaign was to:

  • Engage and equip an international audience of business leaders, policymakers and investors on renewable energy
  • Reinforce Iberdrola’s role in this global issue and in its solutions

The Content Solution

Our creative approach for The Power Playbook video series was to demonstrate how business leaders are using renewables, right now, by showcasing the technology, context and policy practicalities behind some of the most powerful and achievable renewable energy solutions. Combining science and business analysis, each episode consistently followed a three-part explainer format; 1) The News, 2) The Context and 3) The Playbook.

  • Ep1: Winds of Change
  • The News: A $3BN project along the Massachusetts coast is the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in the US
  • The Context: It is changing minds about what is possible by not just supplying clean energy to over 400,000 homes and businesses, but also helping to revive local manufacturing and transforming an industrial coal-dependent community
  • The Playbook: US federal goals and tech innovation that could make a 10x difference
  • Ep2: Why Green Hyrdogen Matters
  • The News: In just a few years, the scale of planned green hydrogen projects has grown 1MM fold and is essential for tackling the toughest challenges in decarbonization.
  • The Context: Green hydrogen isn’t just a dream. These are real plants, in real industries, with real customers, as green hydrogen takes on carbon-intensive jobs such as the production of fertilizer and steel.
  • The Playbook: The policies that are needed to promote the green hydrogen industry.
  • Ep3: At the Speed of Light
  • The News: We need renewable energies now, and increasing efficiencies by digitalizing them also helps reduce costs.
  • The Context: Handling the increasing amount of data flow in the energy grid requires sophisticated digital technology, fast.
  • The Playbook: Why policy-makers need to accelerate consumer adoption of digital technologies.
  • Ep 4: Bringing Smart Grids to Life
  • The News: The electrical grid remains one of humanity’s most important inventions, but it needs redesigning so clean energy can be distributed to end users
  • The Context: Transitioning to cleaner energy is driving remarkable innovations in transmission and storage networks worldwide
  • The Playbook: The innovations that are fueling investment in building a modern grid.

Expanding our solution to presenting sponsor thought-leadership moments at our in-person events, Iberdrola Group executives took part in the following energy panel discussions and interviews:

  • How Venture Mindsets Must Drive the Energy Transition at WSJ’s Future of Everything Festival, New York / Hybrid
  • Decarbonizing the Power Industry at WSJ’s CEO Council Summit, Washington DC
  • The Global Framework Needed to Eliminate Carbon Emissions at WSJ’s inaugural Journal House at COP27, Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

Hosted on a co-branded video player, The Power Playbook’s four episodes were published across four phases timed, with the first and second phases strategically timed to prior and during COP27.

Throughout the media campaign, on-platform targeting across the WSJ Digital Network utilized a combination of 1P audience targeting of C-Suites and Senior Business Decision Makers, and thematic Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and Innovation targeting buckets, with custom CIU creative for each new episode.

The WSJ Digital Network allowed for our global media solution to benefit from targeting these segments across not only but also, and Our working relationship with Apple News, which is integrated into our WSJ Digital Network, also allowed for our targeting buckets to expand across WSJ, Barron’s and MarketWatch channels within the Apple News mobile app – tapping into their extensive mobile reach in US, UK and Australia.

The Power Playbook was also amplified off-platform across Google and @WSJCustom Facebook, along with organic social posts across Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

“Skybox” strip creatives were published 6x on the front page of The Wall Street Journal Business & Finance print section, to keep Iberdrola and The Power Playbook top of mind among business leaders in the US. A further 3x custom full pages repurposed episodes into special advertising features in timely Sustainable Energy, C-Suite Strategies and Future of Everything Journal Reports.

In-person, Iberdrola presenting sponsor opportunities authentically reached international business leaders and policymakers through high-profile speaking moments:

  • 20 min virtual interview at Future of Everything Festival, May 18, 2022
    with Diego Diaz, Global Head of Ventures & Technology, Iberdrola, on How Venture Mindsets Must Drive the Energy Transition. The session was attended by 415 in-person virtual guests, representing 25 countries, and 20% were C-Suite.
  • 10 min “fireside chat” at WSJ CEO Council Summit, Washington DC, December 6, 2022
    with Pedro Azagra Blazquez, CEO, AVANGRID (member of the Iberdrola Group), on Decarbonizing the Power Industry
  • 40min Panel Discussion at Journal House COP27, November 8, 2022
    Topic: The Global Framework Needed to Eliminate Carbon Emissions
    93 attendees, across 12 countries and 66 industries

    • Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera, Global Director of Climate Change and Alliances, Iberdrola
    • Ellen Jackowski, Chief Sustainability Officer, Mastercard
    • Jai Shroff, Chief Executive Officer, UPL Sustainable Agriculture Technology, India

Going beyond the events themselves, all speaking moments were captured for playback and published on’s Video channel.

The Result


  • 55MM media impressions: 38MM digital and 17MM print


  • 1,141 hours of total dwell time
  • 433K total quality video views
  • 134K content hub pageviews
  • Average CTR across digital media was 3.5x above benchmark. Apple News alone saw a CTR at 5x above benchmark, demonstrating how WSJ’s extension on this mobile platform contributed to The Power Playbook engagement
  • Ep. 1 Winds of Change garnered the most hub views, at nearly half of the campaign total. After its promotional flight, Ep 1 benefitted the most from internal hub traffic with 38%+ pageviews, demonstrating its popularity and the audience’s interest in wind power.
  • On YouTube, Ep. 3 At the Speed of Light and Ep.4 Bringing Smart Grids to Life were top in engagement and views, demonstrating how The Power Playbook serviced the audience’s interest not only in renewable energy (wind and green hydrogen) but also energy infrastructure issues


  • 60% held managerial positions, and 24% were C-suite executives
  • 7x more likely to be institutional investors, vs our average subscriber
  • 4.6x more likely to be energy investors, vs our average subscriber
  • 4x more likely to engage with our High-end Investment editorial coverage than our average subscriber. They also over-indexed on Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and Tech for Good editorial themes.

Digital Custom Content Effectiveness Study
Results after engaging with The Power Playbook video content:

  • 94% agreed the content enhanced their understanding on the subject matter
  • 91% agreed the content was useful information that they intended to apply to their work
  • All Iberdrola perception statements saw strong growth, with a +13 pts average., including substantial shifts in:
    • +22 pts “very favourable” view of Iberdrola
    • +24 pts “likely to partner” with Iberdola
    • +17 pts “is leading the world’s energy transition to zero carbon energy”