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The Challenge

The UK DIT needed to engage with the international business community to underline that the country has a long history of business partnerships, continues to be home to innovative companies, and remains very much open for business.

It is important that the business community continues to be represented overseas. The UK DIT’s partnership with Bloomberg Media Studios aimed to convey the benefits of working with UK companies and to present compelling
reasons to keep them top of mind among decision makers.

The client wanted to target C-suite and decision-making executives who could be involved in importing/ purchasing a broad range of UK goods and services.
Given the volatile nature of domestic and international politics in 2017 it was important that this campaign was nonpolitical in nature, but direct and powerful in its message.

These are uncertain times for the UK’s relationship with the world. Our decision to leave the EU after more than 40 years has raised questions about our openness and international outlook.

Regardless of how Brexit negotiations unfold, it is vital to the UK’s economy that we continue to nurture our thriving business community – both as a place to trade with, and invest in.

The UK Government’s newly formed Department of International Trade needed a creative media partner that is truly global in scope and has the credibility among business leaders and decision-makers. Bloomberg – named the number one business media brand in Europe for the last three consecutive years by Ipsos – was the perfect fit.

The Strategy

• Reach international business executives with positive, upbeat stories of UK business innovation, openness and ability to form partnerships. Timed to start the conversation as soon as possible after the formation of Theresa May’s coalition government (June 2017).

• Help offset incorrect perceptions about UK business and negative media coverage about its position by focusing on great companies, leaders and partnerships.

Raise awareness and recall of the GREAT brand, and drive positive sentiment (perceptions) about UK businesses as trade partners: innovative, welcoming, creative, quality.Specifically reach business leaders in Core Markets identified
as: US, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, China.

The power of the campaign relied on finding relatable business leaders with an international outlook and strong story to tell.

We knew having leaders prepared to express an authentic POV on real industry concerns would resonate against our target audience. We needed this to come through without getting too overtly political.

We used data and trends form Bloomberg Intelligence – our bespoke team of 300 global analysts – helped to identify the key sectors most active in exports and international partnerships.

Armed with this information – we interviewed 15 leaders across the highest ranking sectors: Automotive, Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Aviation, Telecoms, New Energy, Drinks, Marketing Services.

The Implementation

These interviews were structured into a series of compelling stories designed to highlight the UK’s innovation, creativity and leadership around three core pillars:

In a short time-frame, we gained access to people well-known and respected in their individual fields, and let them provide their own reasons for optimism. We kept a tight editorial line (no scripts)—all of the interviews were conducted like we would do any other in the newsroom.

1. The Makers
Personal, emotive and authentic views from the companies “making” in the UK, ranging from start-up innovators to multinational corporates, and automotive manufacturers to entertainment specialists, all at the start of the
supply chain.

2. The Believers
Views from a range of foreign businesses committed to trading with the UK, all helping to allay any post-Brexit misconceptions and proud to fly the flag for the importing of UK goods and services

3. The Leaders
Business executives chosen to resonate with different sectors worldwide and be the embodiment of UK plc.

We tapped into Bloomberg’s unrivalled access to the world’s market movers. Named Europe’s No1. Business Brand for the last three consecutive years running by Ipsos, activity leveraged our connections and permission to talk with captains of industry.

We wanted to make Business Decision Makers feel the sense of optimism for, and ability to partner with, UK business to achieve their goals.

The partnership would feel distinctive by embedding the “I Believe In the UK” message within the heart of the editorial.

Advertising as a service: we wanted the B2B activity to be informative and entertaining.

Opportunity not gloom: We needed to project a positive message about the UK in light of the uncertainty around Brexit.

The Result

• Three strong chapters (The Makers, The Believers, The Leaders) produced topical, informative, relevant editorial, pictures and statistics and accompanied by a series of compelling short films.
• 38,376 hours of total exposure time.
• 45,000+ Completed Video Views via and social
• 5,534 sign-ups to UK DIT site = Strong, verifiable leads
• 10,129 Twitter Actions (replies, retweets, likes, shares)

Whilst many research studies seek to understand shift in brand perceptions, we were attempting to measure shifts in perceptions of a Country. To do this Bloomberg Media partnered with independent research agency DVJ Insights
to understand how effective the content was in positively shifting perceptions and attitudes towards the UK business trading market.
*Outstanding perception results
Bloomberg media positively impacted all 14 key attitudes and perceptions across of the UK business trading market across Europe, America and Asia, notably:
26% increase in those agreeing the UK business trading market has a low cost of doing business
22% increase in those agreeing the UK business trading market has plentiful opportunity across sectors
22% increase in those agreeing the UK business trading market is open to new people and ideas
The content itself also scored strongly, clearly resonating with a global audience: and well outperforming the DVJ Insights Global benchmarks across 7 metrics, notably:
61% agreed “The Believers” was exciting compared to the DVJ Insights top 20% benchmark of 44%

“This work reminded me of how great the UK is when it comes to leading business ideas and innovation. I know the country will find its way during these uncertain times and continue to be a valuable partner for us, and a welcome force within global trade.”

• The campaign generated significant international press coverage, including The Drum, M&M Global, InPublishing, PRWeek US, Digiday US, Customer Experience Magazine, Business Matters