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Art Russe Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

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The Art of Collaboration

The Challenge

Private art foundation, Art Russe, wanted to drive brand awareness with a creative partnership that was able to
convey a reverence for Russian heritage with the French philosophy of winemaking and the magic of Saint-Émilion.
When Art Russe founder Andrey Filatov became the owner of Château La Grace Dieu Des Prieurs in 2014, he seized
the opportunity to fuse his passion for Russian art with his love of fine wine. Situated in Bordeaux’s famous SaintÉmilion
region, the new owner set about transforming the château. Four years later, he was ready to officially reopen
the château, but needed a media partner to capture the spirit of his endeavour and tell the story of the journey so

The Strategy

AiQ, Bloomberg’s AI-based audience research tool, provided insights into wine lovers around the world. This insight
was paired with the Ipsos Global Business Influencers 2018 – a syndicated survey conducted among the top 1% of
the business population (Google Analytics, Jan – Nov 2018.)

Global Business Influencers have a close affinity for fine wine

  • 977,000 page views of wine-related content on in 2018.
  • 65% of (the top 1% surveyed) own more than $5,000-worth of fine wine are Bloomberg consumers.
  • 57% of the global elite interested in fine wine are Bloomberg consumers.

Bloomberg’s insights into wine-loving High-Net-Worth Individuals told us they are heavily engaged with content
about the subject matter:

  • It is a unique space where passion meets business sensibilities.
  • Consumers and investors are particularly interested in learning about heritage, provenance, craftmanship,
    artisan, technicians and cultural associations.
  • As a luxury product, storytelling plays an important role in positioning value and context for a new brand like Art Russe Saint-Émilion Grand Cru.

These insights informed the creation of an informative, image-rich branding campaign that would combine
photojournalism with magazine-style interviews and an informative video with a more emotional film that would
position the story of Art Russe’s foray into wine-making through the eyes of its founder.

The Implementation

A photo montage allowed us to illustrate the heritage of the art work and importance of the chateau’s location, and
serve as portals to more information on each.

Magazine-style profile interviews ran on and provided insight into the personalities of the
management team at Château La Grace Dieu Des Prieurs, including Laurent Prosperi, Director Of Art Russe and
Louis Mitjavile, Wine and Vineyard Consultant.

Celebratory videocaptured the launch party — the summer of 2018 saw the official launch of Art Russe SaintÉmilion

Grand Cru, the culmination of four years of passionate work. This film features three languages talking
about one passion—the ability to make exceptional wine.

The video captures how Andrey Filatov has transformed the château with substantial investments in state-of-the-art
machinery, a bespoke cellar and on-site labelling equipment. Also interviewed at the launch was Pritzker Prizewinning architect, Jean Nouvel, who drew upon his passion for life and art to reimagine the space whilst maintaining its functionality, and renowned wine consultant Louis Mitjavile, whose family is famous in the region and oversaw the winemaking process. We also interview Chateau Director, Laurent Prosperi, who acts like the conductor, holding it all together.

This creative celebrations also captures the magic of the party, including how guests were entertained by famed
Russian pianist, Nikolai Lugansky.

The Making of… video
An informative short film – set to the tune of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Act 2 (among the repertoire of songs played to the grapes) – this video provides a glimpse into the state-of-the-art design in the new château.

The Result

The successful and highly unique campaign captured the imagination of our target audience and enjoyed high
engagement levels across and social media.
Brand video: 289,971 video views
63.87% video completion rate
11.63% engagement rate

Perception shifts
After viewing content we asked users about attitudes to both Art Russe Saint Emilion Grand Cru and Soviet Art.

94% of those interviewed wanted to “find out more about the wine-maker.”
87% wanted to “try the wine.”
68% were “interested in learning more about Russian/Soviet Art.”

  • (profile interviews): 174,127 page views
  • CTR for campaign: 0.18% total

The positive response by the UHNW and HNW individuals who had viewed the content has led to the partnership
being continued in 2019, when the focus turns to eCommerce as the first bottles become ready for sale.