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Serious about sustainable investing

The Challenge

In 2020, UBS was the first truly global wealth manager to make 100% sustainable portfolios their preferred solution above traditional investments. Because sustainable investments aren’t just good for the planet and society – they can be good for investors too. As we increasingly seek to minimize our impact on the world, SI is increasingly front of mind amongst investors. As a result, UBS wanted to empower investors by cutting through the clutter and offering a personalized and original content programme that: ● Increased awareness of UBS as leader in wealth management ● Drove consideration of UBS as a go-to partner in Sustainable Investing . ● Engaged two distinct audiences: Audience 1: Private Investors & Institutional Investors: Encourage greater adoption of SI into their existing portfolio strategy Audience 2: HNWIs, Affluent Millennials:: Drive interest in considering SI as an investment opportunity A key challenge was that there is a lot of industry information relating to Sustainable Investing, using different names such as green investing, ethical funds and a lot of jargon. The SI landscape was saturated and overwhelmed with information making it confusing for investors and hard to differentiate solutions. Also, with two distinct target audiences, this meant that the programme needed to appeal to users at very different stages of their investment journey, and granular audience targeting was required in order to ensure it was promoted to each specific audience. Lastly, the production of x17 assets plus bespoke illustrations started as we responded to the global shock created by Covid19. All project teams and subject matter experts were forced to juggle home-schooling, unpredictable wifi, and learning new technology whilst finding innovative solutions to deliver the programme on time and on budget.

The Creative Solution

To help address the noise and jargon in the industry, as well as the differing stages of each distinct audience, we worked to create a simplified space for all Sustainable Investing information that was personalized & value-led in the style of a content ‘toolbox’. The intention was to empower both seasoned investors looking to expand, and inexperienced individuals looking to understand more. Serious about Sustainable Investing (SASI) is a fully-customizable content experience allowing users to create a personalised ‘toolkit’ of intelligence on Environmental, Social, Governance investing – in 30 seconds, helping the target audience get the information they need efficiently whilst on the trusted WSJ | BG platform.

Customizable Toolkit: The target audience are guided through questions relating to existing experience, risk, portfolio strategy, asset classes, ESG Criteria and investment style. As they move through each stage, the content available is determined by their answers- curating a tailored long form userguide with practical solutions to the unique queries of the individual. Related content from UBS including quick links and videos are also available for the user to explore in more depth. The toolkit is purposefully housed within a co-branded hub on and takes a multi-sensory approach with content integration units, audio, print and targeted newsletters – amplified using select partners/social platforms. The SASI programme ran across WSJ & Barron’s in order to maximize reach among the two distinct audiences, and has been actively optimized across media, creative and User experience throughout. Finally, SASI was complimented by a live, invitation-only Q&A event featuring 3 UBS SI experts. Hosted by Global Head of Wealth & Asset Management (Barron’s Group), Sterling Shea, invitations were sent exclusively to the Barron’s Group investor subscription base.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

Inspired by the principles of behavioral economics, media was designed to strengthen recall, addressing the challenges of differentiation with the audience, and awareness of UBS being an expert in SI by creating mental availability. To do this, we created simple messaging, repeated in multiple ways across the various ways the audiences were consuming their daily or weekly WSJ content. The illustrations we created were also designed with communication in-mind, we wanted them to help convey the message rather than being a generic photo or abstract design. Each creative specifically relates to its linked content. We experimented with differing creatives and messaging for the two audience types, talking to the different phases they were at and placed these in the relevant environments across the WSJ & Baron’s portfolio e.g. in print we placed in WSJ for more general investor reach and Barron’s for the more experienced investor. We used social proofing techniques offering UBS statistics to encourage investors that their peers were already interested in SI ‘92% of investors are considering sustainable investing’, also helping to garner trust in this investing style. We also highlighted different risk appetites such as ‘Dip Your Toe in Sustainable Investing’ through to ‘Completely Switch Your Portfolio’ depending on the reader.

All creatives linked to the customisable toolkit for the user to build their own investment strategy. Our media was highly targeted using proprietary targeting including Dow Jones’ Thematic. It was also creatively considered layering our touch points across digital, social, print, e-newsletters, and WSJ & Barron’s podcasts – ensuring the UBS message met the influential WSJ | BG audience wherever they were consuming their news and information and complimenting their daily news routine. As mentioned earlier, we also created an exclusive virtual event for the investor audience for select Barron’s subscribers. This exclusivity tactic also complimented our behavioral economic media strategy.

The Result