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Secrets Of The CEO

The Challenge

VistaJet wanted to drive consideration amongst new customers and be viewed as a trusted partner, more than a mobility service provider.

At the heart of the brief was a desire to demonstrate VistaJet has a deep understanding of the C-Suite audience. The brand wanted to show what sets VistaJet apart is the fact they use this expertise to provide a truly personalised, premium service that enhances efficiency and productivity.

The Creative Solution

The global C-Suite audience is time poor,does not typically browse or engage with custom content in the same way as other audiences and is increasingly more receptive to learning from their peers.

The Trust Team recognised the VistaJet programme not only needed to be easily accessible to Decision Makers during their normal routine, but as customer acquisition within private aviation can be a lengthy process, it was crucial any content programme needed to stand the test of time.

In partnership with VistaJet, The Trust created ‘Secrets Of The CEO’ – a campaign which featured some of the biggest & brightest CEOs in the world discussing their challenges with renowned business transformation expert & leadership coach, Dr. Peter Fuda.

With extensive experience coaching the most successful individuals from top global corporations, Dr. Fuda was ideally positioned as a respected thought-leader in his field whom we knew would resonate with C-level professionals.

The Trust used our flagship WSJ Tech Live event in Laguna Beach & annual meeting in Davos, to invite 12 CEO Council members to participate in one-on-one Leadership Transformation sessions with Dr. Fuda.

The 1 hour consultations saw Fuda discuss their challenges – offering practical insights into issues such as how to change perceptions and enjoy the pursuit of excellence.The workshops were edited with the time-poor C-Suite audience in mind into short-form videos. Content was housed on WSJ’s video centre where users could access & share easily.

Bespoke event extensions included a golden ticket moment, sponsorship of the ‘Office Of The CEO’ within Journal House at Davos. Proprietary targeting across WSJ as well as extensive promotion across WSJ | BG, VistaJet and Dr. Fuda social platforms further extended reach.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

The Result

Given the nature of the audience the campaign is targeted to very niche reach, the measure of success has never been an easy-to-measure KPI.

The programme resonated strongly with the C-Suite audience garnering over 8 million video plays. Video completion rates were nearly 3 times the WSJ average completion rate and CTR was over three times more than the WSJ average. Social media engagement was consistently strong across channels.

In the words of Executive Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for VistaJet, Matteo Atti:

The Secret of the CEO campaign is not a traditional content campaign – it’s a trust generation initiative. The LinkedIn campaign in the US and UK has already delivered millions of impressions across C-suite, with a very high engagement rate. But equally important, we engaged with CEOs at week-long events in Laguna Beach and Davos, while they were sourcing new ideas, facing competition and developing their businesses. And comments on our LinkedIn feed show that people relate to the stories and the human beings behind them. As we look to move our conversations beyond the clichés of private aviation, the Secret of the CEO campaign is the tool that proves how VistaJet is ready to listen, and to make flying private simple. Because each flight is unique.

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