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Porsche – Sportscar Together Day

The Challenge

Some things don’t change. The dream of a perfect sports car drove Ferry Porsche to create the very first Porsche back on 8th June 1948, and that dream is alive and well over 70 years on. To celebrate in style Porsche wanted to
launch a global celebration, bringing together a range of audience segments – owners, prospects and sports car enthusiasts (with a focus especially on appealing to a younger, affluent “driven youth” audience).

In a time where there are “celebration days” for seemingly everything from donuts to penguins…why not have a day that celebrates the sports car? Or better yet in the social age, sharing the sports car experience. So, to mark the 70th Anniversary of Porsche, we created a global celebration around the idea that sports car moments and thrills are best when they’re shared – especially Porsche’s new Cayenne SUV offering. This global program was Sportscar Together Day – a social media celebration day, a party…a rallying cry. It was a movement where we asked sports car enthusiasts to share their passion for sports cars and even share their sports cars. “Experience” is the new status
symbol, overruling ownership, and SCTD was a great way to leverage how people are engaging and sharing their experiences via social media.

Our challenge was to drive awareness of these launch events, encourage participation and create a truly engaging on and offline experience.

The Strategy

Our strategy was built around three distinct phases targeting the build up to SCTD, the birthday celebrations and post event sustain activity. Social media was the key engagement platform for us, with a centralised digital campaign
being supported by bespoke local market activity.

In Phase one we needed to build our audience pool and raise awareness of the event. As a core element of SCTD we wanted to do more than just encourage our owners and enthusiasts to share the sports car experience – we helped
enable it for them. Leveraging Facebook targeting as well as other owned data, we invited our owner base around the world to sign up to our Facebook Messenger bot. Owners were targeted with paid media ads to offer rides out
via the chatbot which allowed owners & thrill seekers to connect and schedule their #sportscartogether moment.

These moments were then captured and shared back with Porsche on social platforms, via #sportscartogether, with the best moments being re-posted. This initial stage was all underpinned by video assets that announced the
programme and celebrated the shared thrills concept.

Phase Two saw us celebrating the birthday by amplifying celebration moments from the Porsche Experience Centres, racetracks, dealers and Porsche clubs on the actual day. Video content was targeted against users who had interacted with previous media in the campaign. The central pillar of this phase saw a multi-market Livestream on Facebook broadcast to an audience of over 20 million sports car fans enjoying Porsche’s big birthday milestone.

The final phase saw us saying a big thank you to all audiences engaged in the campaign with wrap up and thank you video content, shining a light on the actual stars of this campaign: the Porsche/sports car community.

The Implementation

We delivered a truly global execution: activated in 66 markets (localised in 34 languages) by our central digital solutions team. We needed partners with scale, shareability and advanced targeting techniques: so, Facebook &
Instagram were chosen to help deliver a successful launch.

The power of video was leveraged across the campaign. Upfront we used video to announce the programme and recruit users to the chatbot. Video assets helped create a sense of global community by showcasing the shared thrills
concept, livestream and thank you content. Longer form hero assets were supported by shorter form content, ideal for social media engagement and sharing.

For targeting we utilised a signal led approach. We engaged the audience from beginning to end with a sophisticated remarketing strategy, only serving new video content to users who had engaged with previous content or the
website. In 19 markets we were also able to use Porsche CRM data to target Porsche owners (custom audiences) and help build look-a-like audiences targeting similar profile users.

Outside of the centralised digital activity – local market media buys further supported the SCTD campaign. In the US, Porsche teamed up with CBS/The Late Late Show to run a Carpool Karaoke special. Utilising the cultural firepower of this unique content segment (which aired in 117 countries) we placed James Corden and (Porsche superfan) Adam Levine in the new Cayenne as they drove, and sang together, around the L.A Porsche Experience Centre track. A unique way to celebrate the sportscar together concept and deliver huge reach across TV and online.

The Result

In the summer of 2018 the global Porsche community was truly brought together in a way like never before, both on and offline. Our campaigns generated fantastic awareness and participation. In terms of the physical events alone around 400,000 people attended an inaugural Sportscar Together Day event.

The global social campaign, activated from our hub office in London across 66 markets, reached close to 90 million unique users globally. In terms of recruitment our chatbot generated 13,000 users and 2,500 chatbot invites were sent. In total over 65 million video views were delivered and we generated nearly 70 million engagements. Nearly 20 million people watched the livestream. Users were highly engaged with the content with an average click through rate of 1.51%, well above our already high campaign benchmark (1.13%), and over 720,000 users visited the bespoke webhub which housed all campaign content. Indeed, all metrics well outperformed our targets including significantly reduced “cost pers” (e.g. €0.01 cost per view v €0.03 target).

The Carpool Karaoke special generated huge awareness numbers online and within 24 hours was no.2 in the YouTube viral charts. To date the episode has delivered over 20 million views across Facebook and YouTube alone. Buzz and word of mouth metrics among our “driven youth” segment went up 75% and 175% respectively, compared to the weekly average for the quarter (YouGov). It also shifted the dial on purchase intent, with the “likelihood to consider buying a Porsche Cayenne” increasing by 25% amongst young affluent drivers (YouGov).