Shortlisted 2019AUTOMOTIVE BrandPorscheEntered by:PHD Global & USCredits:C-K, Drum, CBSPorsche – Carpool KaraokeThe Challenge Among Porsche fans, the brand has no equal. To these drivers, Porsche sports cars are the pinnacle of a high performance driving experience, with a design that is beautiful and timeless. Among younger, affluent audiences however, the Porsche brand is not considered as relevant. [...]
Shortlisted 2019AUTOMOTIVE BrandPorscheEntered by:PHD GlobalCredits:UDG,Facebook, Instagram, Petrolicious, TVS, C-K, Drum, CBSPorsche – Sportscar Together DayThe Challenge Some things don’t change. The dream of a perfect sports car drove Ferry Porsche to create the very first Porsche back on 8th June 1948, and that dream is alive and well over 70 years on. To celebrate in style [...]