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Go For Growth

The Challenge

HP wanted to create awareness of HP Indigo and give users an understanding of how the product can transform and grow their business. In the digital print industry, growing a business by adapting to the market needs, is the only way to survive . But that can seem impossible in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. One thing’s for certain though, doing nothing is not an option . That’s why HP Graphics Solutions Business decided it’s time to convince their Indigo customers to go for a competitive edge. To go for higher profits. To go for superior technology. To go for unmatched print quality and to go for bigger and better clients. We needed to convince customers that it’s time to Go for Growth. But selling a high value product worth over $1M is no easy feat, and to top this off the target audience was also incredibly niche. Finding the right audience was key, but we also needed to balance this with spreading awareness of the product and allowing our targeting to be broad enough to find customers that may not already fall into our ABM lists.

The Creative Solution

When we initially started Phase 1 of this campaign , our targeting primarily revolved around small ABM lists (some with less than 1000 users) for Social, Affiliates & Programmatic, as well as senior decision makers in Printing and Packaging & Container industries on Linkedln. We were also changing the assets every 2 weeks, but this wasn’t proving effective. We were struggling to spend due to the niche audience, and results had room for improvement.

From this point, we reworked our entire strategy. PHD Global worked closely with our HP client to identify the key audience criteria using internal HP customer sales insights, and then use this data to expand our audiences. We decided to focus on not just the end decision makers, but target users who could be involved in any part of the decision-making process.

And as we moved onto Phase Two, we focused on Lead Generation. While we original supported Social activity with Affiliates & Programmatic in Phase One, we decided to proceed with only Social for Phase Two under an always on strategy to help drive Awareness and Consideration among potential customers . HP identified that isolated tactics for lead generation are not significantly strong, as Indigo customers prefer a long nurturing period with high value content that can improve their decision making. As such we chose to combine always on social tactics with carousels, short videos and strong call to actions that connect our online campaign with offline events, webinars & print samples. The exception to this was within our Germany market, where Linkedln doesn’t have as much of a presence, and so we utilised content syndication instead.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

In our initial rework of the strategy, we changed from targeting just our niche ABM Lists & Senior Job Titles to incorporate relevant LinkedIn Groups, overlaid with our original company industries of Print and Packaging & Containers. Throughout the campaign we optimised towards best performing audiences and shifted budgets accordingly. As such, as Phase 2 began, we focused our audience targeting solely on Linkedln Groups still overlaid with company industries, as these were identified as our top performing strategies . As we approached an ideal reach of this audience, we expanded the audience by removing the company industries, so we were only targeting users who were interested in the relevant LinkedIn Groups. This helped us increase our potential reach by x3 and further spread awareness of the product.

Alongside this, we also ran an always on strategy for all formats and asset, before optimising budget towards the best performing. As we were working so closely with our HP client, we were able to have an open conversation about the creative performance, even requesting new assets to be created throughout the campaign.

The implementation of this campaign has been a consistent work in progress. Our client shares bi-weekly updates on results from their HP sales teams, which we integrate with our own media results to have a comprehensive view of performance. By optimising with real sales data rather than just media metrics, we have been able to increase the effectiveness of our campaign and work towards a unified goal with our client.

The Result

The initial results for Phase 2 on Linkedln have been incredibly impressive. So far, we have achieved 1 Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity in the UK, and 8 other qualified leads for nurturing. The campaign is also delivering a strong number of contacts, and our audience are satisfactorily engaging with our content . Regarding Media Metrics, we are receiving a conversion rate of 9% as well as a CTR of 0.79% (+ 0.39% from our benchmark). Italy, France & Spain have the best Cost Per Contact (at an average of $43.17). From the results achieved so far we can see that the conversion rate from “contact” to “marketing qualified lead” is 4.51%.

Alongside performance results, this campaign has also allowed us to view our target audience from a new perspective. We collaborated with HP to expand the granularity of the audiences we were targeting, without moving away from the key criteria identified by the client.