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Lead Agency



The Challenge

Dassault Systèmes are global experts in 3D Experiences. Their technology is used by industries to help visualise what innovation might look like.
Their pioneering 3D tech is already transforming the world around us – influencing the way products are designed, produced, supported and visualised.

To raise awareness of Dassault Systèmes’, we needed to show our C-suite target what is possible, and convince them to invest in a technology they’d never used before by demonstrating our expertise. As Dassault Systèmes operates across 12 industries, it was a difficult marketing challenge to provide a solution that effectively communicated to multiple industries, not only focusing on one. Given that B2B C-suites are looking to buy expertise rather than just products, it was integral to demonstrate the ground-breaking and visionary solutions that are possible through Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, and show how we are working with experts in their field to realise these.

We knew that providing ambassadors through great content and applying the human touch to our advertising would resonate with our audience and drive not only awareness, but also consideration of the Dassault Systèmes
brand. It is communicating this human benefit and showing what DS technology can enable that would provide the hook and resonate with the audience. Demonstrating expertise and the human benefit needed to underpin our approach.

The Strategy

In order to capitalise on our audience insight, we needed to partner with a credible brand that was renowned for not only quality content and journalism, but also has a strong reach and affinity with our target.

Our partnership and activation needed to be truly integrated involving our partners’ journalists, client experts and contributors from established and distinguished institutions. The content produced needed to communicate a
meaningful, futuristic and human message that was truly relevant to the target.
Native advertising was identified as the perfect platform to develop and amplify our message, giving us the opportunity to include third-party contributors and the editorial tone of a respected publisher. Ensuring that all
intellectual property was owned by Dassault Systèmes would allow us to go beyond simply brand advertising by leveraging the assets to give further business and marketing value to the client. Rather than focusing on one topic or industry, we needed to cover multiple topics through various content types.
We identified CNBC as the perfect platform to activate our native series, given the nature of their groundbreaking site that explores the latest developments in technology, health, science and the environment.

Furthermore their experience in compelling, in-depth, feature-led content would allow us to reach our time-poor Csuite audience on a global scale, across multiple devices: desktop, mobile, tablet and TV.

To fulfil our strategy, we needed to partner with a category leader (CNBC), incorporate 3DS experts and above all tell a story that demonstrates how 3DS technology is enabling innovations that positively affect lives.

The Implementation

We developed a multi-channel, content-led, global partnership that would bring our insights to life and be fully adaptable across our CNBC’s platforms and beyond. We focussed on four stories to highlight the influence of DS technology:
• Asteroid mining with NASA
• Artificially intelligent machinery
• Virtual Singapore; The reimagining of cities
• Autonomous shipping

Each asset was developed with the end platform in mind:
• A dynamic, immersive and visual digital hub engaged people
• 3-minute videos inspired and informed our audience, including DS expertise along with key contributors from NASA, Rolls Royce and the Singapore Government
• 30 second expert highlights for online distribution via custom digital units, video and social were created
• We used short teaser videos to create intrigue across social channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook and WeChat
• Immersive digital articles highlighted DS’ expertise
• Broadcast TV commercials aired across CNBC, BBC Worldwide, CNN, CNBC TV18 (India) and Nikkei (Japan)
• We even held events with deep-learning machines videos which were screened at Davos for the World Economic Forum – THE global
meeting for leading CXOs.

The content was distributed across 10 markets in local languages along with global partners via display, video, mobile, social and TV. Integration across local market sites along with CNBC network/affiliates consisted of (China), Money Control (India), Nikkei (Japan) and MSNBC/NBC (US).
Our strategy allowed us to create a fully integrated media plan. It went beyond pure advertising, providing tangible assets that could also be used as sales collateral, demonstrating DS’ expertise.

The Result

We generated significant exposure, educating, inspiring & influencing the audience about Dassault Systèmes’ 3D technology and how they are helping businesses within their industry.

Key metrics:
• Brand favourability increased +13%
• Likelihood to recommend increased +8% • Awareness increased +9%
• 435,000+ unique visitors
• 9mins+ average time spent on pages
• 402m ad impressions
• Videos screened at multiple industry events; Farnborough Air show, Fintech @ Level 39, Hannover Messe (Germany),
High Tech seminar (Japan) to name a few.
• UBS CXO retweeted Future of Finance piece after seeing at Fintech event
• 6,000+ social shares
• Leveraged across our Future Realities LinkedIn community & clients sites driving further traffic, members and exposure throughout the ecosystem.
By translating our content, we are effectively able to cross international borders reaching our C-suite audience in both English and their local language, something that is very important especially in our Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian markets.