Winner 2018TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandWORKPLACELead AgencyGYROWORKPLACE BY FACEBOOK QUARTZ PARTNERSHIPThe Challenge Workplace is Facebook’s business collaboration platform, and it launched to paying customers in October 2017. Despite Facebook being the parent company, awareness of Workplace is low. To compound this, it is operating in a cluttered marketplace competing against tech behemoths, who bundle collaboration software, and [...]
Winner 2018TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandE.ONLead AgencyVIZEUMContributing CompanyENGINETOMORROW IS .ONThe Challenge Business Challenge E.on needed to improve their share of the utility market. Awareness of e.on as an energy supplier was not a problem but differentiation was. In line with the unveiling of their new range of environmentally friendly solar and storage products to customers in Europe, e.on [...]
Shortlisted 2018TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandSAMSUNGLead AgencySAMSUNGContributing CompanySTARCOM + PUBLICIS MEDIA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENTSAMSUNG GEAR S3: THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL COMPANIONThe Challenge The smartwatch market is maturing but many consumers still don't consider the product as an everyday necessity in their lives. There are two major barriers to market growth - cultural barriers and design barriers. Culturally it [...]
Shortlisted 2017TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandSONYLead AgencyMEDIACOMContributing CompanyHEYHUMAN, TWITTER, SNAPPYTVSONY-#CHAMPIONSOFAThe Challenge PEOPLE DIDN'T KNOW SONY SPONSORED THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE With SONY competing in an increasingly fragmented smartphone category, their sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, the most popular club football competition in the world, represented a powerful opportunity to differentiate their Xperia brand from other smartphones. However, [...]
Shortlisted 2017TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandSAMSUNGLead AgencySTARCOMContributing CompanyPUBLICIS MEDIA CONTENT, BIG SPACESHIP, LEO BURNETTWINNING SOCIAL GOLD AT RIOThe Challenge Samsung wanted to use their global Olympics sponsorship to increase brand consideration and to become the #1 most digitally engaging brand of all Olympic sponsors throughout The Games. Although Samsung was an official Olympic sponsor, they did not have [...]
HIGHLY COMMENDED 2017TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandDEUTSCHE TELEKOMLead AgencyMEDIACOMDEUTSCHE TELEKOM SEA HERO QUESTThe Challenge DEMENTIA IS THE NEXT GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS BUT HOW CAN DEUTSCHE TELEKOM HELP? Deutsche Telekom’s fundamental belief is that “Life is for sharing.” That means helping people all around the world share events, experiences and the moments that matter. But what happens if we [...]
Shortlisted 2017TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandDASSAULT SYSTÈMESLead AgencyMEDIACOMDASSAULT SYSTÈMES - IDEAL WORLDSThe Challenge Dassault Systèmes are global experts in 3D Experiences. Their technology is used by industries to help visualise what innovation might look like. Their pioneering 3D tech is already transforming the world around us – influencing the way products are designed, produced, supported and visualised. To [...]
WINNER 2017TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandBET 365Lead AgencyDRUMMOND CENTRALPIONEERING IN PLAY BETTING AND COMMUNICATING IT TO THE MASSESThe Challenge To take bet365 from number 11 in the UK to the biggest online sports betting company in the World. Because it operates entirely online, it was vital to build a brand personality that is both confident and trustworthy. [...]
Shortlisted 2016TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMS BrandVODAFONE GMBHLead AgencyMEC GMBHI'll show you the worldThe Challenge A good network can't be captured on a photo. Vodafone wants people to experience it's amazing 4G coverage across Europe. Therefore they lauched a new worry-free roaming proposition. But: People are afraid of staying connected while traveling. Usually Vodafone would book airport [...]