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Renault LATAM

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Havas Media Argentina


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Competition Is In Your DNA

The Challenge

The French automotive manufacturer Renault is well known across Latin American countries, but often associated as an affordable Brand.

For 2019, our challenge was to find which aspect of Renault could elevate the Brand while keeping increasing market share offering affordable every-day car models.

Since 1977 Renault has been associated with Formula One as both constructor and engine supplier. Therefore, it was the perfect opportunity to tackle our Brand position prompting innovative, competitive and forward looking attributes .

Strongly focus on Brand image our campaign had 3 main goals:

  • Create digital video campaign to communicate Renault F1 spirit in LATAM (markets: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico).
  • Focus on message relevancy to achieve Brand image, engagement and saliency .
  • Understand the F1 audience beyond the category “cliches”.

The Creative Solution

The Brand was looking to connect their F1 Brand with the passions and diversity of our audiences in LATAM. The Renault Sport spirit and tradition has it all to transform the everyday life of our fans into an exhilarating experience, we wanted to share our passion with F1 Fans in the region.

Nevertheless, we wanted to go beyond the usual media campaign that wastes ad spend on unintended eyeballs. We wanted to  target  with one insight in mind: Not all   F1 fans love the sport in the same way and therefore we needed to  define how different  fans feel and live their  passion  for F1, we needed to  define their  passion points.

We define 4 Fan audiences that was that starting point of our creative message:

  • Women: Our objective was to offer a better representation and celebration of the F1 women
  • Gamers: They are in control of the race and feel the experience as they are behind their video game, we wanted to playfully interact to catch their attention.
  • Extreme Sport Fans : They want to feel the thrill of the race, we wanted to entertain and connect with this thrill
  • Tech Fans: F1 offers the ultimate most cutting-edge technology in automotive industries and we wanted to make them dream through our most exciting

For each one we imagined a specific way to enjoy the thrill of the competition under the Umbrella concept: The competition is in our DNA.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

The strategy aimed to connect our Brand with our audience passions understanding their interest and the real touchpoints we could explore. To create this connection, we built a user-centric communication through ultra-personalized video content that we distributed through Social Media and Programmatic campaigns.

To achieve this, we did 3 things:

  • We focused on understanding of the F1 Fans to go beyond the category “cliche” crossing Big Data figures from our DMP with strategic planning It would allow us to identify the most strategic audiences in term of Unique User volume, brand positioning and potential business growth while ensuring a definition of an activatable Digital audience.
  • We would also avoid planning our communication according to calendar phases (Typically, the first phase would have the most reach, the follow up a higher conversion rate, ). Instead we planned according to signal based content spreading the right message in function of user classification and its reactions with our campaigns. All phases ran at the same time through a personalized communication funnel.
  • Finally, we took advantage of the Digital Tech to work with dynamic creation of videos. The constant optimization of this content was based on the algorithms that selected the best combination of videos for each case.

This strategy was directly related to our business objectives which included catching F1 fans attention in the most cost-effective way, creating an emotional bond, getting the attention of potential buyers.

The Result

  • 7000 videos implemented with a minimum workload (First time in Latam).
  • 60 Million of Complete Views across Latam .
  • 20 Million of User

VTR 100%: + 55% vs benchmarks.

CPCV: -25% vs benchmarks.

Output –> The campaign demonstrates that user centric communication proposing personalized content is more efficient to catch the user attention and achieve higher number of complete views. Also, the constant optimization of the content itself enable budget optimization .

Engagement rate : +600% vs benchmark.

Output-> The deep understanding of our audiences’ interest to feed the creative messages was a key pillar of success to engage more with the F1 Fan base showing.

Audience profiling: 30% of our audience keen to buy a Car . Conversion rates in Test Drive request+ 25% vs Benchmark .

Potential buyer is more interested to consider us after having watched several videos based on its passion.