Webinar: Working with trusted media in times of crisis: Advertising and the COVID-19 pandemic

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented responses. Brand safety is a key issue for advertisers, but in the light of COVID-19, how can we evolve the brand safety discussion to ensure appropriate advertising in a time of crisis?

  • Should you even be advertising in a crisis – and how do you convince the board/CMO?
  • How can you work with journalistic media to advertise safely?
  • Working to prevent the spread of fake news and rumour mongering during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • How can quality journalism media brands assuage advertiser’s concerns during this global crisis?


Stevan Randjelovic

Johanna Mayer-Jones

Janet Balis

Jack Dyson

Harriet Kingaby

Emma Winchurch-Beale

Denise Turner

Damian Douglas

Alison Harbert

Alexandra Delamain