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The under 30 drive

The Challenge

Polestar is a design-focused electric performance car brand determined to improve society. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, they advance sustainably designed and ethically sourced performance vehicles to help people make a clean getaway. As a brand on a mission, Polestar wanted to creatively tap eco-friendly consumers interested in luxury automobiles and get them excited about the Polestar 2. Forbes, the world’s leading business media brand, was the ideal partner of choice.

Not only does Forbes reach luxury auto consumers, but more importantly, they also reach a tech-savvy and in-market audience for the Polestar 2.

The Creative Solution

To help tell the story of the Polestar 2, Forbes looked to the Forbes 30 Under 30 lister community. As perpetual movers and shakers, these listers are always on the lookout for smart brand alignments and partnerships with companies that uphold their values of innovation, sustainability, efficiency and ease.

Together, Polestar and Forbes created an exclusive advisory board consisting of Forbes 30 Under 30 listers in Polestar’s key markets, who lent their innovative thinking to reimagine the electric car travel experience and create a more sustainable future. We produced a video series with these purpose-driven entrepreneurs to showcase the collaboration and the vehicle’s purpose.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

We created five intimate video interviews spotlighting the select Under 30 listers while driving the Polestar 2 in real life—in NY, LA, SF, Toronto and Vancouver—using cinematic shots and first-person narrative to craft their daily drive. With the vehicle at the core, these listers took viewers on a journey, showcasing what a day in a modern entrepreneur’s life looks like.  The gorgeously-shot videos expand upon a typical day-in-the-life by showcasing the Under 30 listers’ individual work styles, their companies’ characteristics, and most importantly, how their passions and progressive ideation help inspire the Under 30 community and inform the industries they helm.

Each episode premiered on, was promoted and targeted across Forbes LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and available on To provide supplemental content for Polestar-owned & operated channels, Forbes produced 2x separate video cuts per episode—1x for and 1x for—launching ten videos in total. Additionally, The Polestar Under 30 Advisory Board became natural brand ambassadors, actively sharing their experiences with the vehicle, organically expanding the campaign’s reach in an authentic and meaningful way.

The Result

Collectively, the videos garnered 4.49M+ views—with over 3.76M ad impressions on and more than 19.3M impressions across social media. Plus, viewers spent over 1M total minutes watching videos on But for Polestar, it wasn’t just about the views or impressions; it was about who the campaign was making an impression on.

We didn’t just deliver impressively-crafted branded content; we leveraged the power of the Under 30 listers and Forbes’ influential reach to get in front of those who believe in creating a more sustainable future—and were most likely to purchase a luxury, eco-friendly vehicle.

Of the audience who saw the Polestar creative, the users were 8.6x more likely to consume content about the environment and 4.1x more likely to be in-market for hybrid & alternative fuel automotive. Polestar’s campaign also achieved a 55% increase in Brand Awareness among visitors who were exposed to the Polestar campaign. Stunning content and stunningly targeted, this video series made the Polestar 2 the daily driver for changemakers.