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I'll show you the world

The Challenge

A good network can’t be captured on a photo. Vodafone wants people to experience it’s amazing 4G coverage across Europe. Therefore they lauched a new worry-free roaming proposition. But: People are afraid of staying connected while traveling. Usually Vodafone would book airport meida and target banners on traveling profiles. Sadly, this is not dismantling the fears of the customers. We had to come up with more than media. We created a content series called “I’ll show you the world”.

The Strategy

Together with Mia Buehler (travel blogger from, we created a live travel experience through five different countries. Driving interaction while creating unique content and claiming the live feature as a brand was key. By condensing over eight hours of content (per day) into a two minute highlight clip, we compiled a best of every city and provided lasting inspiration for the viewer’s next trip. By visiting Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome and Reykjavik, viewers experienced entirely different cultures and people. Mia visited famous influencers in each city and got to see those places, that can’t be found in a travel guide. The local Vodafone network operator shined and it became clear, that Vodafone has the biggest 4G network in Europe.

The Implementation

Mia’s travels were on the one hand accompanied by famous musicians, bloggers and influencers – all of them creating buzz by spreading social content through their channels – and on the other hand enriched by Europe’s travel magazine #1 Lonelyplanet and VICE. Increasing branded conversations around Mia’s destinations was crucial, as every travelmate released their very own secrets – all connected via hashtag #izddw. Vodafone digital magazine acted as base for all content pieces – text, video, photo – and also had a “live tracking interactive video map” with a crystal-clear connection to Vodafone’s roaming offer and network strength across Europe.

The Result

Traveling live with Vodafone took over social media by storm. Thanks to the amazing people and places and a smashing performance by Mia Buehler “I’ll show you the world” gathered over 1m social interactions in just five live days. That’s double the number of half a year’s social interactions on editorial Vodafone content. The experiment using live video content instead of product messages exceeded all expectations with over 6m video views and 80m reach in total. From a qualitative side, the ad recall of the core TG (25-34) increased 54,5%. And: The world is still a big place (with an improving 4G network coverage).