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The Challenge

Omen aims to be a big player in the esports industry. Across Europe alone, OMEN by HP sponsors 17 different
teams, because the company believes in the growth of the industry. Our aim for this campaign was to increase
awareness and consideration for the brand.

Gamescom in Germany is one of the biggest gaming events in Europe, in 2017 it received a total 355,000 visitors and
every year this number grows. Gamescom attracts audiences from not just Germany but from many countries across
the world. In 2017 they had international visitors from 106 counties with around 919 brands battling to catch the
attention of gaming and esports enthusiasts. In 2018 we were expecting close to 1030 brands occupying the same
space. In this chaos Omen by HP needed to stand out and get noticed.

We did not have the budgets of the likes of Xbox, PlayStation or EA but we still needed to reach our audience,
because there were right there, and we didn’t want to lose this golden opportunity. Moreover, as we were running
an esports tournament with PUBG, which is a shooting game we had to run the esports event in an enclosed space,
which restricted further brand involvement with huge audiences.

The Strategy

Although, Omen by HP got its basics right, we had a booth where we ran live PUBG esports tournaments – Omen
Challenge, this was simultaneously live streamed. We had interactive spaces in our booth where gaming enthusiasts
could come and sample our product, but with so many brands eying for attention Omen had to reach the audience
in another fashion too.

The key insight: The Waiting Consumer – Gamescom spans across 4 days and the biggest pet peeve that audiences have is that the event is extremely crowded, this leads to long queues and even longer waiting times. While
audiences wait their biggest source of passing their time is interacting with their smartphones.

First, we covered our basics. We had booth where we ran a massive esports tournament, where teams played PUBG
to win a prize amount at the end. But as mentioned above this was done in an enclosed space as PUBG is a shooting
game we needed to spread out the word. The most obvious solution was live streaming the event on Twitch and
spreading the word over social media, but that did not solve our biggest problem, how do we get in touch with the
audiences at Gamescom who were not at our booth?

Solution: Engage with the Waiting Consumer by Geo Targeting at Gamescom. We tied up with a Geo Targeting company called AdMaxim to give audiences relevant information about Omen laptops and also gave them an option to tune in on Twitch to watch the ongoing event. Moreover as Gamescom has a huge international audience we retargeted people from our top 4 gaming markets (Germany, France, United Kingdom & Spain) with Omen ads once they went back home.

The Implementation

The campaign was divided in 3 Phases:

Phase 1:
Geo Location, Audience Segmentations and Contextual Targeting – This was done as a lead up to
Gamescom. We used advanced algorithms to analyse data and create precision location zones where we ran ads to
our core audience at relevant occasions to let them know that we will be at Gamescom and that they can come
watch the Omen Challenge or come and interact with the products that we have.

Phase 2:
Pinpoint targeting and Footfall Solution- During the days of the event we ran AdMaxim’s pinpoint targeting suite to target 100 meters around our booth at Gamescom. This was a great way to reach out to The Waiting Consumer. This combined precision targeted hyperlocal delivery of personalised ads & content to relevant audience segments in real-time.

The ads were informative and led them to the live stream on Twitch where they could watch the esports tournament
Omen Challenge, this gave them something interesting to watch while they wait to get to their next event. Therefore,
Omen by HP reached them when they were most open to getting entertained.

Phase 3: Retargeting – Once our audience was back home from Gamescom, we retargeted the device ID’S that were harvested at Gamescom with tactical messaging. These device ids were from across Europe, our focus was mainly Germany, United Kingdom, France and Spain. This made sure that the brand was still fresh on their minds and enforces Omen by HP has a key player in the Gaming segment.

The Result

Our activity in Gamescom Germany was a success. Gamescom received close to 370,000 visitors in 2018 with people
visiting from 114 countries.

According to the brand lift study we saw a 119% (32pp) increase in positive awareness and a 39% (16pp) increase
in consideration. 32% of the target audience now perceives Omen by HP as a cool brand.

On the Media front we received close to 2,461,407 impressions and had a VTR of 53.02% in Germany which is great
compared to what we receive on regular direct video campaigns.