Shortlisted 2021Luxury & Lifestyle BrandThe North FaceEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCREDITS:Bigger., Mongoose, 1000heads, Runner's World, 4running, Trails, Aktiv Laufen!, TrailRun, Like the Wind, StravaPower further, together - Launching a trail running shoe during a pandemic The Challenge The North Face was born out of a passion to help people explore the world. Then the pandemic happened. [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandBentleyEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCredits:The Economist, The Rake, Wired, Wallpaper*, Harper’s Bazaar, Unit9, KEKOAn Extraordinary Journey To The FutureThe Challenge Bentley is perceived as a brand stuck in the past, not a brand looking towards the future In 2019, Bentley celebrated a milestone birthday of 100 years. The emphasis placed on this incredible brand [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandVolkswagenEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCredits:DDB BerlinVolkswagen - For The Many, Not The Few - The ID.3The Challenge Democratisation starts with Volkswagen's name which translates to 'the people's car'. The Beetle brought an affordable high-quality model to the masses, followed by the Golf's affordable technology, and now they hope to bring e-mobility to the many, [...]
ShortlistedTechnology & Telecommunications BrandSamsungEntered by:WP BrandStudio, The Washington PostCredits:Starcom, OgilvyNext Mobile EconomyThe Challenge Samsung recognizes that in this world of advanced mobile technology, businesses are either the disruptor or the disrupted. Their 2018 campaign objective was to establish Samsung as the enabler of the what they call the "Next Mobile Economy," which empowers businesses to [...]
ShortlistedTechnology & Telecommunications BrandOmenEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCredits:AdMaximForbes AI with IntelThe Challenge Omen aims to be a big player in the esports industry. Across Europe alone, OMEN by HP sponsors 17 different teams, because the company believes in the growth of the industry. Our aim for this campaign was to increase awareness and consideration for the [...]