Shortlisted 2017




Lead Agency



The Challenge

As a new startup, it was a challenge to gain both awareness and drive members to a new global shopping service of American goods – one that not many people know exists or would possibly ever need.

The brand competes against large fashion and beauty brands which advertise goods to mostly 21-35 year old women. The first-year goal was to achieve 20,000 members and build awareness to the new brand and service.

The Strategy

With an initial paid search CPA sitting at $60, and limited budget, we needed to think of new ways to gain a customer base quickly while the PPC campaigns optimized over the first 6-8 months. We began by researching and building a list of top influencers in the fashion and beauty space in Europe and Australia. These were mostly Youtubers who have over 50,000 followers and create “shopping haul” videos in which they test out the latest beauty brands.
We found that most of the followers of these influencers shared similar styles and interests to these influencers regardless of their geographic location. Influencer Youtube videos were also viewed millions of times by followers all throughout the world and not just within their home country.

The Implementation

We utilized all social channels including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin to reach out to Influencers and their agents. We created a unique shopping hauls of American products that fit each influencer’s preference and offered them a free trial of our service. We
worked with each influencer to deliver an honest review of our service along with product reviews in their shopping haul. Influencers were given a unique coupon code to provide as a perk to their viewers which provided them with a free 3 month trial of our paid VIP level of service. In addition, we setup tracking from each video and external links to track how each influencer performed, how each product performed by views, and member performance. We analyzed where the members were located and their value over time based on product spend and shipping. This lead to greater ROI by enabling us to better identify both influencers and products in future videos as the campaign progressed.

The Result

Initial results exceeded all expectations with a CPA of $2-4 and initial gain of nearly 2000 members within the initial round of campaigns. Overall, we gained over 50,000+ members within one year which doubled initial projections. This also lead to a decrease in our paid search CPA and boosted our organic search. Overall, we gained over 20% of the member base within the first year through our global influencer marketing campaign at less than 1/5th
the cost of all other channels. The brand became well-recognized and trusted by millions of women 21-35 who are “fashionistas” and beauty products buyers.