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Forbes Analytics + with Teradata: From Data To Answers

The Challenge

In a business world awash with data, raw material isn’t the issue; what’s missing is perceptive interpretation and insight. Forbes partnered with Teradata, a leader in analytics software, on a three-issue, multi-platform content program to close that gap, helping businesses turn data into actionable, strategy-shaping answers.

Teradata was looking to establish itself as a thought leader in the analytics space and increase brand awareness. To achieve that halo effect, Forbes Analytics+ featured in-depth original profiles of more than 20 pioneering entrepreneurs and C-level executives at the forefront of analytics-fueled innovation, including PayPal CTO Sri Shi vananda, Fitbit Co-founder Eric Friedman, The Weather Channel CCO Nora Zimmett and many more. Stories spanned a diverse set of industries and came to life through immersive, rich multimedia.

The Creative Solution

Forbes Insights, the strategic research practice of Forbes Media, leverages proprietary databases of senior-level executives in the Forbes community, to field surveys on a variety of topics. As part of this program, Forbes Insights conducted an original Forbes Analytics+ survey and confirmed a challenge the target audience faces: converting the data their companies were capturing into meaningful, strategy-shaping answers. According to the survey, 97% of executives believe the role of analytics is crucial to a company’s success-yet only 11% say analytics have made significant contributions to their organizations . Forbes Analytics+ surfaced insights from industry disruptors among the 11%.

In textured, candid interviews, top-tier executives lifted the curtain on analytics-fueled innovation at companies including Siemens, FedEx, PayPal, Linkedln, Stitch Fix, Mastercard, Lufthansa, Fitbit, Pandora, Cisco, Swiss Air, The Weather Channel, U.S. Bank, Teradata and more-their stories brought to life in visually stunning, immersive multimedia articles.

Issue 1, “Answers About Your Customers,” spotlighted businesses harnessing analytics to deepen the company-customer relationship. Issue 2, “Answers About Your Organization,” explored how companies optimize their businesses through smart analytics strategies .

Issue 3, “Answers About Our World,” highlighted agents of change solving culture, society and humanity’s most sweeping problems through data.

Our goal with this publication was to prepare business leaders for an era in which analytics are no longer novelty but necessity. How do you build the agile organization that can adapt to constantly advancing technologies? How do you deploy smart data strategies while navigating evolving concerns around digital ethics? How do you make the leap from data capture to meaningful impact for your customers, your organization and the world we live in? Forbes Analytics+ explored the answers, and Teradata emerged as an authoritative leader, driving this conversation.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

Forbes Analytics+ is a global campaign with a content strategy focused on Teradata’s key geographies of interest: the US, UK, Singapore and Germany. Many of the industry-leading companies we featured represent the types of businesses Teradata targets as customers. Profiling them not only enriched the reader experience, it also opened the door to a deep relationship between these companies and Teradata. Forbes Analytics+ engaged global executives and IT professionals on a multitude of platforms-online, in print and in person.

  • More than 20 original executive profiles unfolded through audio pull quotes, interactive graphics, video, animated timelines and more across three digital issues.
  • Forbes Analytics+ was natively promoted alongside relevant content on and in editorial e-newsletters .
  • A print edition of Forbes Analytics+ was distributed with Forbes Magazine and at Teradata-sponsored events.
  • Animated social-first videos raised brand awareness and increased social engagement on Facebook, lnstagram, and Twitter.
  • Targeted display and video ads aligned Teradata’s messaging with relevant content on Forbes.
  • Forbes Analytics+ took the stage at the Forbes CIO and CMO Summits and custom events in London, New York, and San Francisco, where Teradata executives served as panelists, sparking a powerful conversation among the leading voices in analytics.
  • Forbes collaborated with Teradata to create two co-branded executive briefs based on in-depth research and executive interviews, to generate leads via email, social media and

The Result

As Nudge CEO Ben Young said when he named Forbes Analytics+ “Campaign of the Week,” the publication “effectively puts Teradata at the center of big data.” Forbes Analytics+ exceeded our performance and audience engagement goals:

  • A digital content sentiment study revealed 84% of respondents identified with the workplace challenges discussed in Forbes Analytics+.
  • Average time spent on Forbes Analytics+ articles exceeded Forbes mobile, tablet and desktop
  • All Teradata ad creatives for the campaign outperformed Forbes engagement
  • From May 6-December 31, 2019, Forbes Analytics+ earned 34.6M native ad impressions and 1.4M page views. 75% of page views came from key geographies (US, UK, Singapore, Germany).
  • Forbes’ largest social media campaign to data, Teradata has earned 12.6M social media

By raising brand awareness and sparking engagement, Forbes Analytics+ elevated Teradata’s profile as a thought leader in the predictive analytics space.

  • Featured executives (LinkedIn, Siemens, Mastercard, more) promoted their stories on social media, and major brands reached out, asking to participate.
  • Executives attending the 2019 Forbes CIO Summit, presented by Teradata, shared positive survey feedback: “This is an exclusive program that brings together the most dynamic industry trailblazers,” one attendee wrote.