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Bad audio is bad business

The Challenge

EPOS is part of the Demant group – a world-leading audio and hearing technology group that offers solutions and services to help people connect and communicate with the world around them. The Demant Group operates in a global market with companies in more than 30 countries, employs more than 16,000 employees and generates an annual revenue of DKK 14.5 billion. As an industry that has, and continues to experience huge growth -the audio solutions industry is highly saturated and competitive – making it challenging to stand-out. in 2020, EPOS wanted to raise awareness of their high-end solutions and pioneering audio technology – positioning itself more prominently in the enterprise audio market. As the Covid-19 pandemic and pivot for many of mass remote-working triggered a surge in our reliance on the availability, dependability and quality of audio headsets, EPOS wanted to use this moment to help professional audiences adapt to the vastly changing work environment. However, at a time when the world was experiencing a collective societal shock, the brand not only wanted to be empathetic in its messaging but wanted to use the upcoming campaign to provide utility by drawing special attention to the largely unknown stress and mental issues that can be caused by poor audio quality. EPOS wanted to create an original content programme that engaged the target audience of business decision makers by delivering content that was thought-provoking, interesting and informative.

The Creative Solution

As previously mentioned, Coronavirus triggered a surge in our reliance on the availability, dependability and quality of audio headsets for virtual meetings and events, as well as news and entertainment podcasting. EPOS wanted to use this moment to position itself more prominently in the enterprise audio market whilst also providing content that helped drive positive change at such a challenging time. Bad Audio is Bad Business was a multifaceted program developed against the backdrop of the global pandemic. It combined WSJ | BG’s convening power with original content to explore how in a world of virtual communication, sound has never been so critical. As a producer of the highest quality audio products – an original podcast series was deemed the most appropriate and effective creative execution. This also had an additional benefit of allowing the WSJ | BG audience to step away from their desk at a time when the lines between work and life were becoming increasingly blurred. The Future Of Work: Our partnership commenced at WSJ’s Future Of Work event. Here, Bianca Nesgaard | VP, Global Marketing (EPOS) and Marc Perton | Executive Editor, The Trust, discussed how poor audio quality is affecting productivity as well our emotional wellbeing. This main stage conversation was complimented by prominent branding and a dedicated section within the virtual platform. Custom Podcasts: The Trust created a 5-part podcast series that comprehensively explored the topic of good audio through a business lens. Featuring insights from June Sarpong, a top ear surgeon, experts in high performance +more – the series explored topics such as how to be charismatic, maintaining ear health and the difference between hearing and listening.

Custom Hub: Content was housed within a beautiful, co-branded hub and promoted to targeted audiences both on and off WSJ | BG platform and was amplified using a highly targeted digital programme.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

The content/media strategy centred around creating an opportunity for the target audience to familiarise themselves with &consider the EPOS brand, through engaging &informative original content that stood out. Podcasts not only aligned perfectly with the EPOS brand &product offering but we knew that this was a format that resonated with the target audience. In fact, 1P data showed that, decision-makers were 15% more likely to engage with WSJ podcasts, This format had additional benefits – allowing EPOS engage Decision Makers during their daily news routine, providing an opportunity for the individual to listen whilst WFH, as well as encouraging them to take a break from their screen. Partnership: Reaching 1 in 2 BDMs globally and influencing $3 in every $5 spent in B2B purchases. (Source: GBI 2020 USA, Europe, APAC)

WSJ | BG was selected as media partner. #1 most trusted news brand, delivering the target audience at scale, an award-winning in-house Brand Studio & multiple, brand-safe environments, WSJ | BG was the ideal partner with which to reach professional audiences and educate them of the benefits of quality audio equipment.

In order to ensure the target audience were able to access & consume the series quickly, without having to navigate to another site, a co-branded custom hub was built living within the trusted WSJ environment. Targeted digital placements were used to drive users to the hub. These were refreshed regularly to sustain interest/ awareness. .

Native Modules: Promotional units mirroring the same look &feel as editorial content were housed across section fronts on WSJ, Barron’s and MarketWatch -raising awareness as the user sought the latest news.
DJ Thematic Targeting: WSJ | BG’s patented taxonomy tool, DJID, is a contextual targeting tool that allows us to effectively gauge users’ intent & serve messaging against 80+ distinct themes. For EPOS, we applied Workplace Technology & Enterprise Technology – meaning that when a user read content that related to these topics across The WSJ Digital Network, they were served a high-impact promotional unit advertising the podcast series.
Audience Targeting: We identified users who had proven interest in our future-forward content, as well as Decision makers & served the EPOS units to them wherever they were across our digital network.
Apple News: Native units across the Apple News ecosystem were also utilised -maximising off-platform reach whilst remaining within a 4 of 5 brand-safe environment.

The Result