60 seconds with World Media Group President, Damian Douglas

October 11, 2022

60 seconds with World Media Group President, Damian Douglas 

What have been your priorities during your term as president of the World Media Group?

Over the last 12 months my role has been to support the World Media Group’s strategy to dial back into the power of our journalism. This is the unique aspect that brings the World Media Brands together, and the world has never needed journalism that our brands stand for like it does today.

What trends are you currently seeing? 

We’re all trending towards content. Our brands are content-rich from an editorial perspective. The brands we work with from a commercial perspective equally have a very unique point of view on the world today, and how the world is evolving. Brands are dialling back into their purpose and trying to understand how their purpose marries with societal good as we look towards driving a more progressive future for everybody. I think that’s been one of the unique aspects over the last 12 to 18 months.

How can brands, agencies and publishers work together to achieve the best results? 

It’s essential to be aligned on what the objective is. Brands, as well as publishers, are content-rich, but understanding that differentiated position and a unique perspective on their own purpose and their own value, then understanding what the positive outcomes look like by communicating that, is crucially important.  Greater communication between all three is needed: understanding what success looks like, and then understanding where you take it next. Because this isn’t a three month or six month conversation. Brands are going to play a big significant part in how we evolve as societies, how our economies evolve, and they play a significant part in solving many of the challenges we face.