Shortlisted 2019Media & Entertainment BrandEA Sport’s FIFA19Entered by:Electronic ArtsCredits:Universal, Perform, BT Sports, StarcomChampions Play FearlessThe Challenge The gaming market had changed dramatically since the launch of FIFA18, with the rise of the highly engaging Battle Royale genre and unprecedented impact of Fortnite. Epic Games’ runaway success had introduced a new group of more casual gamers, [...]
WINNER 2017MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT BrandUNIVERSALLead AgencyMEDIACOMUNIVERSAL PICTURES' SINGThe Challenge Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio behind the Despicable Me franchise, returned in winter 2016 with Sing, an uplifting and relatable animated movie about the power of music and dreams. Our mission was to successfully launch this new property across international markets, dominating the challenging Christmas [...]