Winner 2018TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandVISIT FAROE ISLANDS AND ATLANTIC AIRWAYSLead AgencySANSIR AND MENSCHContributing CompanyKOVBOYFILM, TRAVEL PR FAROE ISLANDS TRANSLATEThe Challenge A language dies every fourteen days. So how do you protect your language, when you are one of the smallest countries on earth? With only 50,000 people - and twice as many tourists? The Strategy The [...]
WINNER 2017TRAVEL & T􀀲URISM BrandVISIT FAROE ISLANDSLead AgencySANSIR & LIQUIDMINDSContributing CompanyKOVBOYFILMSHEEP VIEWThe Challenge The remote Faroe Islands have for many years been neglected by Google Street View. So until recently there was no Street View in the Faroe Islands. Google was simply not interested in the tiny country. And with only 50,000 inhabitants the Faroe Islands had [...]