Join the World Media Group at Advertising Week Europe

May 16, 2022

After a two year hiatus because of the pandemic, Advertising Week Europe returns to London this week and the World Media Group and our members are delighted to be participating in a variety of panels and events. If you’re attending Advertising Week, come along and join us. The sessions featuring World Media Group members and our partners are as follows:

Tuesday 17th May 

11:40 AM Forces Of Influence 2022 – Stage 6 – The Boardroom Stage

Atlantic Brand Partners has uncovered the five Forces of Influence that are continuously shaping our world, our industry, and our customers’ lives in order to give brand leaders a deeper understanding of the newest trends, behaviours and ideas. Find out more.

1:20 PM The Future of AI – Stage 3 – The Tech Lab Stage

Bloomberg Technology Columnist Parmy Olson joins the panel to ask What does the future of AI look like? We ask the people leading and involved in businesses pushing the boundaries of AI. While we all know that artificial intelligence will change business forever, how will this happen? And what will it look like? Find out more.

1:40 PM Take Action Now To Support Underrepresented Talent To Thrive – Stage 6 – The Boardroom Stage

A panel featuring NABS, Brixton Finishing School and the ADcademy, Media for All (MEFA) and Outvertising on their recent research partnership. Sharing insights on the experiences of marginalised people in our industry and our plans for a brighter future, together. Find out more.

3:40 PM  Building A Culture Of Marketing Effectiveness – Stage 1 – Great Minds Stage 

Duncan Chater, Managing Director, Europe, Bloomberg Media joins this panel about marketing effectiveness. Only half of organisations have a marketing effectiveness roadmap, according to the inaugural IPA Effectiveness Culture Monitor. But those organisations who do so feel more empowered to deliver great marketing and aligned with the aims of their business. Whether you have a roadmap or a toolkit to ensure effectiveness, what truly works when it comes to transforming businesses? Find out more.

4:20 PM BBC News: Dispatches From Ukraine – Stage 1 – Great Minds Stage 

The inside story of BBC News’s coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This is a BBC Studios session, on behalf of the international, commercial part of BBC News. During the first weeks of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global audiences turned to the BBC to experience the frank and fearless journalism of the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent, Lyse Doucet and Anchor and Correspondent, Yalda Hakim. In this interview, they’ll lift the lid on the past few months of reporting from Kyiv and Lviv, two cities under siege. Find out more.

Wednesday 18th May 

10:20 AM The Sustainability Imperative: How Your Brand Can Take the Lead – Stage 6 – The Boardroom Stage

Implementing a sustainability strategy is a commercial imperative to ensure that your business model and operations are resilient enough to thrive in the long-term. Communicating these sustainability efforts openly, transparently, and authentically is critical. 

This Reuters panel will provide valuable insights and case studies from clients’ sustainability initiatives, using branded content, that is underpinned by the core Reuters principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias. Find out more

11:40 AM Can Marketing Lead the Sustainability Agenda? – Stage 1 – Great Minds Stage 

Bloomberg’s Group Head of Sales, David  Bradford joins the panel to discuss why driving a sustainable transformation is one of the greatest challenges facing business. Does marketing have the right to play a leading role? Iris invites big thinkers from outside Adland to give CMOs advice on the changing role of consumers into ‘citizens’, how to see sustainability as ‘the new digital’, and understand the opportunity circular economy, smart product switches and even pricing can play in driving a sustainability agenda. Find out more.

12.00 PM The Science and Art of Content for the C-Suite – Stage 5, The Market Place Stage

Join The Financial Times as they present The Science and Art of Content for the C-Suite with Joanna Harrison, Head of Thought Leadership, Alpha Grid and Janet Wagner, Senior Director, Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

12:15 PM The New, Responsible Rules For Advertising – Stage 3 – The Tech Lab Stage

Join Permutive’s CEO and co-founder, Joe Root, in conversation with Michael Gewirtzman, Global Programming Director at Advertising Week Europe, to hear about the impact of privacy on advertising and why publishers and advertisers need to activate audiences responsibly to rebuild consumer trust. Find out more.

12:50 PM The Power Of Immersive To Transform Your Marketing – Stage 4 – The Creative Showcase Stage

Marketeers continually face the challenge of how to engage effectively with their target audiences, cutting through the clutter to remain relevant to consumers.

BBC Studios’ Head of Interactive, Tom Burton, joins the panel which explores the power of immersive events to engage with audiences in rich, meaningful, and new ways. Discussing best-in-class project examples with leading marketeers, this talk covers the value of ticketed brand experiences, and key learnings for brands looking to develop projects in this space in the future. Find out more.

1:20 PM  The Future of TV & Measurement – Stage 3 – The Tech Lab Stage

Grab your seats for a packed panel of advertising industry leaders for a lively debate moderated by Business Insider’s Lara O’Reilly on the future of TV advertising and how consumer attention should be measured across every screen. The great measurement debate will feature the premiere of Samba’s latest State of a Viewership Report from the UK and Germany, which shares what viewers watched in the first quarter of 2022 and how their shifting consumption patterns are changing the future of advertising. Find out more.

1:40 PM Purpose and Profit: What It Takes To Deliver Both – Stage 6 – The Boardroom Stage

The pandemic accelerated trends and placed more responsibility on the corporate sector. In this panel, presented by the World Media Group, we discuss the importance of a purpose driven vision and strategy. Duncan Chater, Managing Director, Europe at Bloomberg Media leads the discussion around how Purpose can drive business transformation and profits, alongside the challenges and opportunities business leaders and marketeers face along the way. 

The conversation will centre around the journey brands must now take to redress the balance to move towards a world that’s more progressive and demanding. Find out more

2:35 PM Convene & Curate: How Forbes Harnesses Community To Drive Conversation & Change  Stage 6 – The Boardroom Stage

Alex Wood, Managing Director of Europe at Forbes, will discuss how the business media brand is tapping into the power of global communities – from Under 30s to Billionaires – and building mission-aligned brand partnerships to drive meaningful systemic change and spur conversations around sustainability and social responsibility. Find out more.

2:50 PM Finding the right model to support original, independent journalism – Stage 2 – The Innovation Factory Stage

With ambitions to reach 15 million subscribers, The New York Times aims to be the essential subscription for every curious person—from news to cooking to games to sports. Fueled by the subscription-first approach, The New York Times has developed an innovative advertising model with a privacy-forward and premium ad ecosystem that supports The Times’s high quality journalism. delivers measurable impact and helps brands make their mark on the world. Find out more.

3:20 PM Brands, News & Gen Z – Stage 3 – The Tech Lab Stage

This is a BBC Studios session, on behalf of the international and commercial part of BBC News.

Get under the bonnet of what makes Gen Z tick, their relationship with global news providers and tips for brands in how to communicate to them.

They only communicate online, they are less brand loyal, they are entitled and self-focused; How much do we really know about Gen Z? In this session we aim to break down a few common myths and misconceptions about them. As part of a new piece of thought leadership, BBC News has surveyed 12 global markets, to find out what makes this cohort tick. Find out more 

3:30 PM Catching the Spark: Conversations With Journalists – Reporting On Innovation – Stage 2 The Innovation Factory Stage 

“Marketing is about innovation” to quote former Vice Chair of GE (General Electric) Beth Comstock. So it follows that journalists who write about marketing must write about innovation. But how do reporters define innovation? What is worth their attention and why do they dismiss some stories that seem to meet the innovation brief?

Join a panel of top marketing journalists including Lara O’Reilly Media and Advertising Editor, Insider, as Propeller Group’s Director of Content and former journalist Branwell Johnson turns the tables and gives some top editorial gatekeepers a grilling. Find out more.

Thursday 19th May 

9:20 AM Great Minds Morning Debate: This House Believes Your Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Really Matter – Stage 1 – Great Minds Stage and Streaming To The Studio – Stage 7 – Amazon Ads Studio 

Giving up meat, taking fewer flights, using public transport – for years the responsibility for the climate emergency has been focused on our own personal choices.

But let’s address the 35 billion carbon tonnes of gorilla in the room – we’re not the problem. Even if we eliminated 100% of our emissions for the rest of our lives, it’s estimated it would only save 1 second’s worth of emissions from the global energy sector. So does our carbon footprints – a strategy popularised by Adland — really matter? Find out more.

10:10 AM The Future Of TV: Will You Survive Or Thrive? Stage 4 – The Creative Showcase Stage 

Streaming is now firmly entrenched in people’s viewing habits. But never before has there been such a wide option of brands, services, channels, and ways to watch. With so many choices available and increasingly data-driven ways to serve viewers in advertising, this is a time of great change.

What does this mean for the future of TV and the ads that live in it? In this debate, the participants will discuss the future of TV advertising, how brands should be engaging with it, how it can and should evolve, and what creative agencies need to be doing to drive innovation in the space. Find out more.

11:00 AM – Make Inclusion Meaningful – Stage 6 – The Boardroom Stage

Brands can only really understand how to reach inclusive audiences, customers and communities when they do that themselves. Many companies have begun this work under the heading of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), but this broad categorisation has been criticised for lack of nuance. How should brands look at inclusivity today in Europe? This session brings together experts in the space to tackle everything from language to KPIs. Not just for inclusion specialists, this discussion aims to equip marketers and agencies with new tools to make their work more inclusive and successful. Find out more.

1:30 PM – A New Era Of Responsible Advertising – Stage 3 – The Tech Lab Stage

The rules of advertising are changing. Consumers are concerned about how their data is being used in advertising, regulators across the globe are closing in, and browsers are blocking third-party data. Now more than ever, advertisers need to develop responsible marketing practices that protect consumers’ data.

The decisions that brands and agencies make today will impact consumers and businesses alike. Join Permutive’s Head of EMEA, Advertiser & Agency, Chloe Gilman & Agency Partner, Izzy Jenkins, in this keynote session to get the context, insight and actions you need to effectively execute advertising in the future. Find out more.

3:40 PM Bloomberg’s Levelling Up Scorecard – Stage 1 – Great Minds Stage

In 2019 Boris Johnson won an election with two promises: Complete Brexit & Level Up Britain. The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill was introduced into Parliament on 11 May 2022 with the objective of spreading wealth & opportunity across the UK, closing the gap on the most deprived areas and the richer region of London and the SE.

Bloomberg has produced an exclusive data analysis to track the government’s own policy paper on levelling up and tracked the metrics on all 650 constituencies in the UK, comparing their performance to London and the South-East since 2019. Find out more

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