US Elections. What are the implications for business/trade around the world

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Date: November 9, 2020


This event is in the past.

The World Media Group hosted a fascinating webinar where our highly knowledgeable panel of editors from around the globe discussed what impact the US Elections will have on businesses around the world.

  • What impact will the new president have on trade alliances?
  • What will be the economic impact for different regions of the world: Europe, China…? And what can businesses do to protect themselves?
  • What other predictions can we make for 2021 and beyond?

View the recorded webinar below:


Jacqueline Alemany

Politics Reporter and author of the 'Power Up' newsletter

The Washington Post

Derek Thompson

Staff Writer

The Atlantic

Charlie Campbell

East Asia Correspondent


Jennifer Cunningham

Executive Editor

Business Insider & Insider News

Robin Bew

Managing Director

The Economist Intelligence Unit