Webinar: Editors’ perspectives: How global leaders are responding to COVID-19

The World Media Group hosted an extremely enlightening and thought provoking webinar that gave a lot of insight into how different parts of the world are responding to the pandemic and reactions about what life beyond COVID-19 will be like.  We hope this webinar will prove useful to you in the days to come. #smartbriefings #wmgeditorsperspectiveTopics included:

  • How the USA, Europe and Asia are all responding differently to current events
  • What we can learn from Asia as they come out of the crisis
  • How businesses/markets are reacting – who will be the success stories on the other side?
  • The heroes of the crisis and how they are viewed moving forwards
  • The surprising editorial stories people are engaging with


Mindy Massucci

Laura Bicker

Ishaan Tharoor

Arif Durrani

Aria Bendix

Alan Smith OBE

Adrienne Carter