Highly Commended 2022

Rising Star

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BBC Studios

Georgina Marshall

The Elevator Pitch

Georgina is a shining star in the media industry who has quickly gained deserved promotions in the team. Starting as a Planner she has climbed the ladder to Account Manager, using her knowledge to sell and successfully deliver campaigns for brands. She has demonstrated her capabilities whilst being under-resourced by delivering significant, unique revenue to the business. Georgina actively gets involved in industry events, such as the IAA PAC event and the WMG Inclusion and Engagement Group. Georgina is involved in championing sustainability at the BBC and recently volunteered to plant more greenery in the building on World Earth Day.

The Nomination

Georgina joined the BBC Global News team in October 2019 and has since had two promotions reflecting her hard work and dedication. Georgina moved from Australia to London just before the pandemic and has shown tenacity and resilience in a new city, adapting to lockdowns and personnel changes on the team. She has progressed in the team to Account Manager, willingly training, and onboarding new colleagues, passing on her knowledge and experience.

Georgina managed the teams activities for 6 months without a Director in the team, leading on a $3.5M patch of business. During this time Georgina sold a unique partnership between Grana Padano and InLombardia; this Masters of Lombardy campaign was the first branded content partnership from the region and the first time two brands have come together in this way. This “Masters of…” franchise is now being extended to other regions of Italy. Ilenia Martinotti, Director of Communications at Grana Padano said: “Georgina was a fantastic support in our Masters of Lombardy campaign, she saw through the campaign from beginning to end with diligence and confidence. You can rely on her for the successful management and delivery of a campaign”.

During this time Georgina also led on some pivotal pitches which converted in to business for the team, including an Airbus pitch with senior client and agency stakeholders. Georgina was organised and demonstrated leadership skills in navigating this challenging and new experience. She also landed the biggest ever programmatic partnership from the region, with the client coming back to spend more due to the careful management of the account.

Georgina is an advocate for positive change in the world and is involved in championing sustainability at the BBC, actively thinking about ideas so that the company can be greener in its operations. She was recently involved in a project to plant more greenery in the building on World Earth Day (picture attached).

Georgina is adept at getting involved in industry events and groups, using her time to develop her own knowledge and do good for her industry. She attended the IAA’s PAC event last year at Oxford University, where Georgi worked on a client brief from British Airways and was part of a group commended as “The most collaborative team”. Georgina is also a member of WMG’s Inclusion and Engagement Group, where she volunteers her time to ensure the advertising industry is a more representative and open place.